Happy Birthday to June Brailsford

June Brailsford is a big fan of the Blogland and a long-time GOP leader in Clarendon County. She is the current Treasurer of the Clarendon County Republican Party and always a smiling face when yours truly is in town.

It's also important to note that her son is responsible for feeding the one addiction of yours truly, as the owner of my favorite BBQ place - D&H BBQ in Manning.

Today, we have it on good authority that June turned 39 again and we wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday today. Please join us in extending best birthday wishes to June.

3 Response to "Happy Birthday to June Brailsford"

  1. mg 12/10/12 10:46
    Happy Birtday Mrs. June.
  2. Anonymous 12/10/12 11:41
    A true gem to be around, a friend to all if ever there was one. Happy 39th Birthday Miss June...teg
  3. June Brailsford 12/10/12 18:21
    Thanks Earl, mg and teg. I love all of you and appreciate your kind remarks.

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