House 56 ballot suit ruling leaves two petition candidates on November ballot

House District 56 shown in blue
Today, a Circuit Court ruling in the lawsuit filed by State House District 56 petition candidate Dennis DiSabato against fellow petition candidate Mike Ryhal reportedly left Ryhal on the November ballot. Both DiSabato and Ryhal are seeking the Horry County House seat which was relocated from the Pee Dee in last year's redistricting. 

This ruling was the latest turn in a contest for this seat which has played out at least as much in courtrooms as it has in front of voters. Following the back-and-forth between these two is plenty confusing, so if you're trying to figure this all out, you're not alone.

It began when Mike Ryhal was removed from the ballot in the initial Supreme Court ruling which removed candidates from the ballot, leaving Dennis DiSabato as the sole GOP candidate for the seat, and then it just kept spiralling downhill with lawsuits and accusations between both campaigns.

While many of the petition candidates are struggling to raise money and wage viable candidacies, both DiSabato and Ryhal are waging fairly active campaigns. As of the most recent campaign finance deadline, they led most petition candidates across the state for fundraising progress with DiSabato having $13,054.72 cash on hand and Ryhal with $7,323.34 on hand.

Those we've talked with have said the political campaign between the two has been brutal. Given the efforts they've made to bump each other off the ballot, we're not surprised.

It remains to be seen if the candidates will continue fighting a legal battle over the right to run for this seat, but with Election Day just a month away, the fighting over the seat may soon come to an end.

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