Mulvaney rallies support for Fifth District GOP legislative candidates

Two years has made a big difference for Congressman Mick Mulvaney. Two years ago, he was fighting a hotly-contested challenge to an incumbent Democrat who had defeated a string of GOP challengers. This year, he faces a token challenge from an unknown and underfunded opponent.

Two years ago, Mulvaney was seeking all the help he could get, but this year, he's giving help to others by endorsing legislative candidates. In a series of appearances, Mulvaney has endorsed four Republican legislative candidates seeking seats in the Fifth District:

  • Tony Barwick in Senate District 35, a seat which is mostly in the Fifth District counties of Kershaw, Lee and Sumter, as well as portions of Richland County. Barwick is running for an open Senate seat which was vacated when Democrat Phil Leventis opted not to seek another term after serving in the seat for several terms.

  • Bob Carrison in Senate District 17, which includes all of Chester and Fairfield Counties, as well as much of the land area of York County. Carrison is challenging incumbent Democrat Creighton Coleman.

  • Leon Winn in Senate District 36, which includes parts of Sumter County, which is in the Fifth, parts of  Darlington County, which was recently moved out of the Fifth District in last year's redistricting, as well as all of Clarendon County and part of Florence County. Mulvaney was joined by First District Congressman Tim Scott in endorsing Winn. Winn is seeking an open Senate seat being vacated by Democrat John Land, the senior Democrat in the Senate.

  • Richie Yow in House District 53, which includes most of Chesterfield County, which was moved out of the Fifth District in last year's redistricting, as well as much of eastern Lancaster County, which is still in the Fifth. Yow was a major Mulvaney campaign supporter two years ago and is running against incumbent Democrat Ted Vick, who flipped back to seek re-election after abandoning a bid for the new Seventh Congressional District seat.

Fifth Congressional District GOP Vice-Chair Kevin Thomas praised Mulvaney's endorsements:

Congressman Mulvaney is a true conservative who wants to help elect other like minded conservatives .  Unlike some conservatives in this state, he is willing to stand up for candidates and get involved with their campaigns.  The Congressman has endorsed several conservative candidates such as Bob Carrison for SC Senate 17, William Gray for SC House 41 and Richie Yow for SC House 53. Congressman Mulvaney is a true leader in the conservative movement.

This tactic is considered a smart way to increase Mulvaney's support among the GOP loyalists in the region who stood by his 2010 Congressional bid, as well as help narrow down the district's Democratic base by knocking incumbents down or keeping them too busy to defend their seats to come after him. Two years ago, when it became apparent that his re-election was a slam dunk, Senator Jim DeMint involved himself heavily in efforts to support candidates for other offices, much like Mulvaney is doing now, drawing more attention to himself and winning the support of party loyalists across the state.

According to Matt Moore, Executive Director of the state GOP: "Smart politicians build networks of key leaders across their district and state. At a minimum, those networks strengthen one's current base of support. But they can also give a head start to someone considering a statewide campaign."

While all four races are considered tough fights for the GOP candidates, win or lose, Mulvaney may be on his way to making new allies across the district. This could be very helpful for future election contests.

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  1. Bob Carrison 25/10/12 16:16
    Mick Mulvaney is one of the reasons I chose to toss my hat into the ring, so I supported him long before he supported me, but I'm pleased to have his endorsement. Perhaps what this really means is that GOP ideas are making inroads into what used to be thought of a a bastion of liberal power.

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