S.C. State University Board squabble another example of failed leadership and bad priorities

Having failed to figure out how to run a college, the board of S.C. State University is now having troubles figuring out how to run itself.

In recent weeks, the board held two votes for Chair, possibly electing John Corbitt to the post. This followed a board meeting in September where the Corbitt got only two of eleven votes cast. To add to the confusion, the board's attorney has informed the board that both the September and October meetings were illegal and that the board will have to hold another vote for Chair. That meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.

Walter Tobin, who“thinks” he is the Chair because he was handed the gavel after the September vote, in spite of the fact rules say a Chair must receive a majority of votes from board members (he got five of eleven) says the Tuesday meeting will be illegal. He is accusing fellow board members of making the rules up as they go along, saying they "pick and choose the bylaws they want to follow", but from the sounds of it, that's how everyone does things at S.C. State.

To help get a better understanding of the issues, we tried to look at the meeting minutes, but none were posted on the university's website since April.

This leadership squabble, on top of a long-running lack of confidence in the President, as expressed by no-confidence votes issued by faculty, along with the ongoing disaster which is their so-called Transportation Research center, gives the impression of a train wreck which exists to nothing more than waste tax dollars and give Congressman Clyburn something that he can name for himself or a family member.

If the leadership of the university spends this much time squabbling over this issue while doing so little to address the school's long-running record of poor performance and declining enrollment, the Governor and Legislature might do well to sweep out the current board of trustees and start over with a board charged with bringing substantial changes to the institution. It's appalling that the school's problems have been allowed to go on for so long with little accountability.

Or better yet, they might close the school, which now enrolls less than four thousand students, and see if Clyburn would be ok with having a bridge or outhouse or another pedestrian overpass named after him instead.

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  1. Lisa Pereira 29/10/12 00:14
    SC State should hire Gloria Tinubu after she loses the 7th Congressional race. She will resolve the school's many problems permanently.

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