Sheri Few vs. Katrina Shealy: The Lawsuit

Earlier in the year, Sheri Few, a Midlands social conservative activist best known for making several bids for Richland County House District 79, worked for petition Senate candidate Katrina Shealy. 

Later in the year, Sheri Few filed a lawsuit against Shealy in Lexington County, alleging unpaid bills from working on Shealy's campaign.

A review of Shealy's campaign finance reports shows that Few was working for her campaign in the spring. While we'd been told that the lawsuit would go away, it's still ongoing.

The Blogland tried to get to the bottom of who, what, why and how much, but few people wanted to talk about this ongoing lawsuit and nobody wanted to talk on the record. Those we did talk with alleged a wide range of complaints, including intimidation of people on both sides of the suit, incompatibility between Few and Shealy and Shealy not paying her bills - a story which seemed plausible considering Shealy's campaign being nearly broke around the time Few parted ways with her campaign.

A story we ran a while back indicated that Shealy's campaign was scraping the bottom of the financial barrel in it's mid-July report, having burned through upwards of sixty thousand bucks in the spring and had under five grand on hand at the time of the report (while her Republican opponent had over 100K cash on hand). While updated reports were due on October 10, her campaign had yet to file one (neither had her opponent).

While it would have been nice if someone was willing to go on the record, the bottom line is that there's a lot of finger-pointing, hurt feelings and a near-broke Senate candidate who might owe some people some money. It certainly isn't good publicity for Shealy's candidacy.

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