State GOP rejects Rep. B.R. Skelton, endorses petition challenger

On Saturday, the South Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee voted to endorse Ed Harris for State House District 3 over the incumbent GOP state Representative B.R. Skelton.

Harris defeated Skelton in the June GOP Primary by a three percentage point margin, only to be removed from the ballot after Skelton threatened legal action against the leaders of the state and Pickens County Republican Party organization. 

According to a media release from Pickens County GOP Chair Phillip Bowers:

In an historic event, the South Carolina Republican Party endorsed Mr. Ed Harris for the 3rd District of the South Carolina House of Representatives today. This is the first ever endorsement of a petition candidate for House over the Republican listed on the ballot. Harris had been previously endorsed by the Pickens County Republican Party.

Through a series of legal maneuvers, the incumbent Republican, BR Skelton who has been in the House for 10 years, was able to secure a spot on the ballot even after losing the primary, and gain removal of Harris from the ballot, even though Harris decisively won the Republican Primary in June.

Harris faces Skelton again on the general election ballot as a petition candidate.

2 Response to "State GOP rejects Rep. B.R. Skelton, endorses petition challenger "

  1. Rob Masten 30/10/12 00:05
    The SCGOP did the right thing by endorsing petition candidate Harris. The SCGOP should now endorse all petition candidates along with all incumbent Republican candidates to make up for the primaries that didn't happen.
  2. Anonymous 30/10/12 10:17
    That's retarded. Harris got this because Skelton spat in the faces of voters. To think all the petition candidates deserve a level playing field just because sounds like Obama-think to me. Go give them a "fair share"?

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