Ted Vick: Farm subsidy welfare queen

We know times are tough for a lot of people in rural areas, but it's looking like those looking for help might not have a friend in Ted Vick as he seems rather busy helping himself to tens of thousands of dollars of farm subsidies.

Since 2005, when Vick began serving in the State House, the Chesterfield County state Rep has reportedly received nearly forty-one thousand dollars in federal farm subsidies:

One can't help but wonder why these payments began rolling in the year he took office. But it wouldn't be the first time someone's raised the question of him drawing in income based upon political connections.

While we might understand the need to help those who have been hit hard by a recession, we don't think someone who can afford to party in Columbia, loan their campaign thirty-six grand, or have time to run for Congress should qualify as someone who's down on their luck.

If anything, Ted Vick seems to be riding high on the proverbial hog - and taking taxpayers for a ride.

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