The Policy Council sell-out continues

More signs are emerging that the South Carolina Policy Council is becoming the latest tool of the left-wing environmental group Coastal Conservation League (CCL). 

After announcing their partnership with CCL over the issue of transparency in government, the Policy Council is devoting an increasing amount of effort to help the environmentalist group's efforts to combat economic development and infrastructure projects in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

While some thought shooting at House Speaker Bobby Harrell, a major proponent of the Interstate 526 completion project, just after a public survey showed a widespread rejection of the CCL's efforts to block the project, was a coincidence, seeing the Policy Council take a more active role in attacking the project seems to confirm they've sold out to the left-wing group.

And these are the people who say they have the right to judge who is a RINO and who isn't? 

Maybe they should get a mirror.

3 Response to "The Policy Council sell-out continues"

  1. Anonymous 15/10/12 01:20
    Maybe she could make steady payroll form all the selling out that she does?
  2. Nancy Hicks 15/10/12 08:14
    Ashley has never played in such a big pond. I see a big public spanking coming when Dana turns on her. Keep that resume up to date.
  3. Lisa Pereira 15/10/12 12:54
    Ashley is that girl who is almost pretty. So desparate for approval and to be the one guys look at first that she will drop her panties for anyone who gives her a sidewise look and tells her she is pretty.

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