Tim Scott & Glenn McConnell endorse Harrell re-election

After struggling to resolve a virus-infected website, John Steinberger's campaign to oust House Speaker Bobby Harrell took another hit over the weekend when Harrell rolled out a TV spot which included the endorsements of Lt. Governor Glenn McConnell and Congressman Tim Scott.

With the Steinberger campaign struggling to raise funds and attract support, it's hard to see how they'll be able to respond to this one.

6 Response to "Tim Scott & Glenn McConnell endorse Harrell re-election"

  1. Anonymous 15/10/12 22:16
    I know Bobby Harrell, too. And he ain't exactly "small business" with his very large State Farm office and all that commercial property. Shoot, his personal jet (which he's illegally paid for with campaign funds) indicates he's not exactly "small business."
  2. Anonymous 15/10/12 22:37
    Class envy. You sound like an Obama supporter.
  3. Nancy Hicks 15/10/12 22:43
    I'm sure a secret meeting of all the Lowcountry FairTaxers has convened to discuss the surprise development - their beloved Congressman Scott has endorsed the enemy. Will Tim be shunned by crazies who support Steinberger? Will the crazies just pretend it isn't true? Will the Corbins spontaneously combust? Will the FairTax bill finally die a much needed death?
  4. west_rhino mohel to the soon to be mained 16/10/12 10:52
    Gee I know Bobby's "personal jet" that has propellers is a tremendous perk like the jets the Dems that ran the statehouse kept til Carroll Campbell pared things back to a couple of turboprops... but half truths from all the sides involved are still whole lies as a yiddshe friend offers.

    OY VEY!
  5. John SteinBUGGAR-buggaring idiots since 2012 20/10/12 16:03
    Bobby Harrell is a legislator's pimp doling out favors and largesse to his crony capitalist buddies. I don't care how many people Boeing employs or how many Boeing suppliers located to Charleston following Boeing with no economic incentives. I'm against using taxpayer money to the benefit of private businesses. Except for the port. I want all the state and federal tax dollars I can get on that one because no private business would benefit from that. If they were I'd give them a shovel and tell them to dig it out themselves.
    Oh and legalize pot... I mean hemp- for a brighter future. We can put a sales tax on it.
    /coasting into seat 114 with endorsements from Nikki Haley, Ronald Reagan, and Kelly Golden.
    Thanks to all who came out last Thursday to the rally on the Yorktown that was really meant to show support for me and my race.
    Remember petition candidates are victims of the evil establishment Republicans who conspired with Democrats to hold onto power. Even me- though technically I wasn't kicked off this ballot. I lost my primary in a different race when I only got 37 votes. I petitioned to get on the ballot in this race because I thought I might do better with a different set of voters and possibly cash in on the petition sympathy vote.
  6. John SteinBUGGAR-buggaring idiots since 2012 20/10/12 16:16
    I tell you whose votes I don't need. Those 3,000 -4,000 welfare leeches who work at Boeing and Nuccor. They should be able to get a job without economic incentives like I did.
    I'm proud to be an independent legalshield sales rep... even if my wife has to support me.

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