Where is Katrina?

District 23 is circled in red to make it easier to find.
It's generally expected that both incumbents and candidates focus on being in their districts as much as possible campaigning and keeping in touch with district residents.

But in the case of Katrina Shealy, who is making her second bid for Senate District 23, the only thing that seems more challenging than raising money and keeping vendors happy is finding her district, as we've seen her often campaigning at events far from Lexington County over the last year.

After the incumbent managed to turn a close primary finish for the seat into a run-off blow-out four years ago, one would figure she'd be locked down on her district with every waking moment - but that doesn't seem to be the case.

If one wants to see an example of how often Shealy bolts the district to go "campaigning" far away, they need look no farther than the last week or so of her campaign calendar:

  • October 9 - speaking to the Lancaster County Republican Women on "State regulatory issues that affect small business owners".
  • October 16 - speaking to the "Take Columbia Back" rally in Rock Hill.

While most politicians wait until they get elected to turn their backs on their districts, Shealy doesn't seem content to wait that long. 

When she rails against "good ol' boys", we're guessing she's not talking about the kind that puts politics ahead of their constituents. But if the "good ol' boy" she's campaigning against beats her yet again, this might help explain why.

Tip O'Neill once said "All politics is local". After four years and one defeat in campaigning for the State Senate, this seems to be a lesson Shealy has yet to learn.

6 Response to "Where is Katrina?"

  1. Jeff 22/10/12 10:27
    To over take an incumbent, yes even one that is a complete jack wad like Jakey it requires getting as many friends to help you physically and financially.

    I do not agree with your statement that her being out of county means she is turning her back on District 23. You may or not may not know how involved in the Republican Women's groups she is involved in, and when a friend calls to have her speak, if the time is open you darn well know that Katrina will be there as she has been there for me personally.

    Concerning the take Columbia back event... Thats kind of a no brainer to attend as well. Many activists attended the vent from around the 5th district who will be willing to help candidates go door to door for folks like Katrina.

    To be fair, you also are not publishing here tails on Facebook either talking about her favorite door to door experience that day. You and I are entitled to agree to disagree and in this case. We do.. and thats OK.

    If I was not working on a campaign my butt would be down in Lexington walking side by side with Katrina. Knotts has got to go..

    Jeff B.
  2. earlcapps 22/10/12 11:30
    I don't recall singing Knotts' praises on this blog. A keyword search might clarify that matter.

    With Shealy, it's always this event here and that event there. I've never seen a legislative candidate out of their district as much as I've seen her. And her pity party over remarks that weren't even directed at her - sometimes one can overdo the crocodile tears.

    I've been doing this over twenty years and seen a lot of good people and more than my fair share of rotten apples. Her behavior reminds me a lot of others that I've seen who care little about their districts and more about their own agendas.

    Fortunately most of those types don't win because the ones who do end up being major embarassments. But in this case, I'm not sure if anyone wins, no matter who wins.

    The difference is that with Knotts, you know what you're getting.
  3. Jeff 22/10/12 14:20
    I never said you ever praised him, so not sure where that came from. You were denouncing Katrina because she takes an occasional trip out of district to speak, in which case I have seen many do that this cycle just reading their Facebook walls.

    I can only speak on my personal experiences with some one, and can say that Katrina has never been anything but sincere, honest and a good friend these past few years. Just as some blogger I know.

    I am not sure what you mean by how her behavior is making you think she cares little about her district. I do not see you getting on Tom Davis who has traveled much further than Katrina, in fact going to every county GOP this year, some of which are more than 4 hours one way from his home (aka Fairfield / Lancaster). I do not think anyone who speaks with her comes across feeling like she has a false motive for running, or cares little for Lexington. For me, its quite the opposite, but I am speaking from my experiences of over 3 years knowing her.

  4. earlcapps 22/10/12 15:00
    My statement about where I stood on Knotts was intended to clarify things. Especially since some of her circle have tried to put it out there that I am a paid operative of Knotts - of course without a shred of evidence to back it up.

    Davis is already a Senator and has a free ride this time around. I'll let his colleagues and constituents worry about where he should be and what he is doing.

    Shealy is one of those rank hypocrites who defended the large expenditures of cash by undisclosed third parties in her race four years ago, but who now thinks we need more transparency in government. That's dishonest.

    I've seen her in full campaign mode outside of the district far more than anyone else out there who has a race, with John Steinberger taking second place in that. She's someone who likes the sound of her voice and goes wherever there's an audience who agrees with whatever she's dishing out. That doesn't bode well for a constituent whose concerns may not draw as big an audience.

    I've gotten sick of her whining about the "raghead" comment like it was aimed at her. While it was a tasteless remark worthy of the criticism that it has received, she has used that line to play victim.

    I can see through her. She's not the first of her kind and won't be the last. I just feel sorry for the residents of District 23. Surely better candidates could have come forward who have more class, honesty and regard for their constituents.
  5. Anonymous 22/10/12 19:36
    Earl, it's a shame there's not a third choice on the ballot. It really is.
  6. Anonymous 22/10/12 19:55
    What's really funny is how all these old biddies in the Republican women groups talk so nice to you but will trash you behind your back for telling the truth. As many times as you've gone out of your way to help them, you really deserve better treatment. Then again, it's not like many of them really do anything but gripe about Obama's birth certificate and gay marriage on facebook.

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