Will cruise terminal ruling draw Policy Council attacks?

The Coastal Conservation League  has become well-known for wrecking efforts to improve the economy and quality of life of the South Carolina Lowcountry by opposing economic development efforts and opposing pretty much every major infrastructure project. 

The recent announcement of their political alliance with the South Carolina Policy Council drew questions from those who thought there was little common ground between a group known for anti-capitalist activities and a group which claims to advocate broadening free-market activities. 

But when the Policy Council attacked House Speaker Bobby Harrell shortly after the Coastal Conservation League's (CCL) efforts to block the completion of Interstate 526 in Charleston County suffered a major blow when a mass survey indicated overwhelming public support for the project, a project which Harrell vocally supported, it suggested an active political alliance between the two groups. We're not the only ones who've asked this question.

Now the Policy Council may have another opportunity to play wingman for the environmental group, after a federal court in Washington D.C. sent a lawsuit to block efforts to grow Charleston's growing involvement in passenger cruise back to South Carolina, saying it was essentially a South Carolina matter. The lawsuit was filed as part of a shotgun effort by a coalition led by the CCL to block the growing cruise industry, arguing a variety of environmental and nuisance issues.

These kinds of claims seem rather strange because when I went on my honeymoon cruise last year, the places I visited seemed clean and free of environmental damage, including the heavily-trafficked ports of Baltimore and Boston. But CCL has never been a group to let the facts get in the way of wrecking the Lowcountry.

We'll see what happens, but when you see groups like this line up, all sorts of strange possibilities don't seem so far-fetched.

2 Response to "Will cruise terminal ruling draw Policy Council attacks?"

  1. Anonymous 5/10/12 09:58
    You hit that one right on the head there. Good shot!
  2. Nancy Hicks 5/10/12 10:03
    Somebody is reaching way above her pay grade. She has no idea how to play in the same sandbox as Dana Beach and come out the winner.

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