Guest op-ed: Charlie Lybrand - "Thankful"

Today's guest op-ed comes from long-time Charleston politico Charlie Lybrand. He has served as Charleston County's Register of Deeds since 1994, and served on Charleston County Council for several years before that. 

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As most of you know, from time to time, I like to pontificate. Well today is no different, so I wanted to take a second or two and give thanks for yesterday. 

The Presidential Election is over and the people have spoken. President Obama has won and he deserves our support and our prayers. For some of us, he wasn’t our first choice but that was yesterday. A new day has dawned and as a Country, we move Forward supporting this President and the awesome task that lies ahead of him. I for one, will keep him in my prayers. 

I don’t know if you’ve given any thought to this, but we are a nation of over 300 million people and if you’re eighteen or older and a citizen, you get to choose who leads this great Nation. That’s just one of the things that makes us the greatest county on earth. Someone once said, if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain. That makes sense to me.

As we got up this morning, no one was in our streets with Rifles drawn demanding an insurrection. There were no Tanks with soldiers bearing Arms, pointed at other Americans. There were no planes dropping bombs on our Cities. Like each of you, my heart just breaks for the people in Syria and other places around the world where tyrants rule. 

We are a people of Laws. The winners will assume their newly won positions and the losers will pick themselves up, wipe off the campaign dust and get back to work. Warts and all, we’re still the greatest Nation God has ever created. 

I thank the good Lord that I was born here and that I have had opportunities that so many people across the globe could only dream of. We are a Blessed People and we should never forget who we received those Blessings from. I wish the leadership of this great country all the best. 

May God continue to Bless the United States of America.

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