Radical left wing group for hire goes after Tom Rice in late campaign attack

The Working Families Party has a reputation for being two things: radically far left and willing to work for the highest bidder. It's brought them under considerable scrutiny in New York and now they're bringing their radical political thuggery to South Carolina.

In their attempt to help Gloria "The Green Quitter" Tinubu win the Seventh Congressional District race, they've produced a yet-to-be-aired ad featuring a Conway resident with a long-time vendetta against GOP nominee Tom Rice.

But there's a lot more to the story that Tinubu and her political allies didn't say in the ad - which probably isn't too surprising since Tinubu's become well-known for trying to hide the political baggage that follows her from place to place around the southeastern United States.

John Sweeney at SCNow did a pretty solid piece of digging into Dollar's claims, raising lots of questions about her credibility. While there's no disputing Dollar did lose a lot of her property and assets, there's a lot to suggest that it's nothing that can be blamed on Rice. If anything, their ad raises the question of how far the Tinubu political alliance will go to exploit a senior citizen and push campaign ethics to win an election.

Dollar, who claims to have lost "my home, my farm, my truck, my furniture", blames the loss on Rice and alleges "she was kidnapped and her property stolen by county officials". As part of her vendetta, Dollar filed a wide-ranging lawsuit in which she sued "Rice, his law firm – Rice, MacDonald, Breeden & Hicks, P.A. – and a dozen other defendants including current and former Horry County administrators, the Horry County Council, four county police officers and the members of the county council."

Dollar even crashed a campaign event in June to harass Rice. That's pretty extreme conduct.

While it sounds like Dollar is angry about losing in court, sometimes angry people are angry because they got called out for doing something wrong and spanked for doing so, especially when they don't pay their property taxes, a point which Sweeney's story points out rather clearly:

The July order, signed by Judge Benjamin H. Culbertson, said Dollar’s suit stemmed from an incident in Jan. 2006 where she sought legal advice from Rice’s firm in a matter regarding ownership of properties. 
Multiple sources familiar with the case who spoke on the condition of anonymity said Dollar approached Rice in 2006 about setting up a series of LLCs to protect her financial assets during a legal dispute with family members. Dollar eventually lost her property after she failed to pay her property taxes, sources said, and she soon brought suit against Rice and the others claiming they failed to help her in her legal struggles.
The case was dismissed on July 16 because the statute of limitations on the case had run out and, the order said, a ruling against Rice’s firm would not result in the return of her properties, which is what Dollar was pursuing.

Recently, the Blogland called out the Working Families Party for it's involvement in a Charleston County state House race, where it was hired to work for a petition candidate that it also endorsed.

The group has also been called out by the New York Times for it's pay-for-play approach to politics:

Created a decade ago, and built with union support, the Working Families Party has become an increasingly important force in New York politics. It favors a progressive agenda on issues like affordable housing and better public transportation, and has plenty of money.

But its real strength is its army of political operatives. The party formed a corporation, called Data and Field Services, as a way to market the party’s expertise — sophisticated lists of voters, for instance — to favored candidates.

The workings of the company are hard to figure out because, as a private business, its financial arrangements are not automatically transparent. The Campaign Finance Board should take a hard look at this operation.
Union support ... yeah, those guys are in Tinubu's camp as well.

Understandly, Tinubu's camp is desperate at this stage of the campaign. Polling has shown Rice leading the race handily in terms of voter support and fundraising and sometimes desperate people do desperate things to try to catch up when they know they're losing.

Exploiting an unfortunate senior citizen who lost much of what she owned in a financial ploy is hardly a fair or ethical way to get elected - but high ethics don't seem to be valued very highly by Tinubu and her friends at the Working Families Party.  That's something Seventh District voters should keep in mind when they choose their Congressman.

The Working Families Party ad featuring Dollar:

Dollar at Seventh District candidate forum in June:

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    OMG! Progressives in SC. Run away............

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