Ryan Payne's Invasion of the Body Snatchers

One of the most unusual political moments we've had this year was when we found that Lancaster County state House candidate Ricky ... uh, we meant Ryan Payne, had photoshopped his face onto a professional model, wearing attire we found on a Men's Wearhouse website, and used the photo on the top of his campaign website.

When we pointed out that we had questions about the authenticity of the photo shown on the left, it was quickly replaced with what we'd like to call the "Disco Ricky" photo.

Yeah, that was a big improvement - but at least this political Invasion of the Body Snatchers was ended without any loss of life - although there was considerable loss of taste.

While we're curious if Men's Wearhouse or Ralph Lauren are entitled to any compensation for the use of the photo, we're glad the model got his body back.

In any event, Payne just completed his associate's degree at USC-Lancaster and still lives at home with his family,  hallmarks of a successful community leader who has to be a real hit with the ladies.

If he wants to make friends, he may not be doing too well as his attack on his county's GOP leadership over a resolution that had nothing to do with his candidacy didn't endear him to everyone in local Republican circles.

We're sure he's mastered the unspoken "International Language of Love" too.

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  1. Ron McGill 21/11/12 23:12
    Well, he doesn't have the looks nor the body and I'm guessing the money to fit into that suit. I'm also going to say that his Photoshop skills are not skills at all. A very poor job of being slick all the way around.

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