Haley rules out "placeholder" Senator, to visit Lowcountry tomorrow

According to the schedule for Governor Haley, she has scheduled to visits in the Charleston metro area for tomorrow:

Tuesday, December 11, 12:00 PM: Gov. Haley will hold a media availability at Boeing’s welcome center after she tours the facility and visits employees, 5400 International Boulevard, North Charleston, S.C.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2:00 PM: Gov. Haley will join Mayor Riley and other officials for a business visit and economic development announcement, Benefitfocus, 125 Benefitfocus Way, Charleston, S.C.

Will this include an announcement regarding the appointment of a replacement for outgoing Senator Jim DeMint?

Congressman Tim Scott, who lives in North Charleston and was a key player in bringing Boeing to the Lowcountry, is considered by many to be a top prospect for the appointment and was recommended by DeMint to fill the seat. Of the names which have been floated, including former AG Henry McMaster and State Rep. Ralph Norman, Scott is the only Lowcountry name which has been given any serious regard by political observers.

Today, Haley also ruled out the possibility of appointing a "placeholder" Senator who would hold the seat until the 2014 elections:

As I continue to consider the impending U.S. Senate vacancy, many have discussed the possibility of a ‘placeholder’ appointee who would pledge to serve for only two years and not seek election to the seat in 2014. While there are some good arguments in favor of that approach, I believe the better case is against it ... I believe South Carolina will be best served by a U.S. Senator who will work hard day in and day out, and put him or herself before the voters at the soonest possible time. Accordingly, I reject the option of a ‘placeholder.

Stay tuned.

5 Response to "Haley rules out "placeholder" Senator, to visit Lowcountry tomorrow"

  1. His Royal Hinest 10/12/12 14:47
    Well with the bench warmer position eliminated that does shift the cards some. The person we need not only needs to be a very strong conservative but they also have to be able to stand up against Harry Reid and say no while getting others to stand next to him. Since I have not talked to Mr Scott I can only judge on his voting record and actions while in DC.
  2. Mike Reino 10/12/12 15:53
    A placeholder is a bad idea long-term... I was in NY when Gillibrand went for re-election after getting Hillary's gig. Already being in office gave her the legitimacy she lacked when she got the job, and the GOP couldn't find a single decent candidate. That's the one downside of a McMaster selection: if he's just going to keep the seat warm, then we'd be better off choosing someone else, and discourage any Dems from running in 2014...
  3. west_rhino 10/12/12 17:59
    McConnell remains a dark horse in this as might a Limehouse or a Campsen. I still like the option of Glann McCall.
  4. mg 10/12/12 19:50
    I do not believe McMaster would be a care taker myself.
  5. west_rhino 11/12/12 08:50
    Moye, I agree. Neither would Charlie Condon.

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