SCGOP officer sells out - and often

There's been a lot of discussion about the role played by mercenary politicos in sinking the GOP in this year's elections, putting profit ahead of principle and creating ethical questions with conflicts between their loyalties and motives.

Here in South Carolina, the worst example may be found in how the current Secretary of the SCGOP, DeLinda Ridings of Columbia she sells her services as a political hired gun, working for a string of failed campaigns across South Carolina while holding a party office in which most expect her to play neutral.

Not only has Ridings likely set the record for working for the most Presidential aspirants in one cycle (Huckabee, Huntsman and then Gingrich), she's also gotten a reputation of working for one loser after another, including Seventh District Congressional candidate Chad Prosser.

Just weeks after being reportedly fired by the Huntsman campaign after reportedly being caught campaigning for Gingrich, Ridings was quoted in the media, calling for her candidate of the moment to quit the race:

DeLinda Ridings, a former Jon Huntsman supporter, told a reporter that, "[Gingrich] has tried really hard, but I think it's time to drop, and it's time to put our allegiance behind the man that I believe can beat Barack Obama, and that's Mitt Romney." 

Now that's loyalty - but only about as much as she's shown to most other candidates she's worked with.

When DeLinda is trashing a candidate she's worked for, it may be a sign she knows the campaign she's working for is sinking and is looking for another job. It's a low standard for ethics and loyalty for someone who claims to be involved with the Tea Party movement and is therefore supposed to  be among those who usually call for more ethical conduct in politics and government, not less.

She's also put herself out there as a sort of campaign fundraiser, but we wouldn't trust her with our cash.

It's hard to see how Ridings, who waves her title and her alleged political resume as a way to scam candidates and sink their candidacies, hasn't been asked to resign her party office, but we think if the state GOP wishes to continue to set a high standard for ethics and impartiality, her resignation would be a good thing.

11 Response to "SCGOP officer sells out - and often"

  1. Richard from Greenville 4/12/12 17:46
    Earl, she doesn't need to be doing both. As you say - choose one or the other and the state GOP needs to set higher standards to resolve this.
  2. Anonymous 5/12/12 09:23
    We saw her down here, first for Gingrich and then with Prosser. Nobody was impressed.
  3. Anonymous 5/12/12 11:23
    I don't know Ridings that well personally but have observed her and all the campaigns she has worked with/ activities she has been involved in and agree something is off, looking at it from an outside perspective. She's all in for a candidate or cause and then a month later we're suppose to disregard everything she's said during that period, as she has a new interest. Well, when you start down that path, we disregard everything you say, period. Her position with the party seems skeptical as the result of her own actions. The benefit of the doubt is wearing thin here.
  4. Anonymous 5/12/12 21:25
    Watch TFO or you may get Bitch Slapped. The Tea Party may come and get you. Then again it could be the Paul Bots or is it Paulbots.
  5. earlcapps 5/12/12 21:46
    2125, it could be Paulestinians.
  6. Anonymous 5/12/12 23:18
    Reading that article where she is quoted by WIS-TV. She looks like the ultimate flip flopper. I am sure that she is a nice woman, but that does not mean she is a good representative for the State GOP Party. Besides, with her working for the state party, would that not give her inside access to the presidential campaigns and line up job after job like she apparently did? That sounds a little unethical.
  7. Anonymous 6/12/12 06:13
    Her con game is nothing new. People are getting sick of her "woe is me" and "my poor kids" little game as a way of keeping from being held accountable for being inept and vicious. Obviously Delinda forgot middle school was over a long long time ago.
  8. Anonymous 6/12/12 06:34
    Wow, everyone seems to think it's time to pick on Delinda Ridings this week.

    Damn straight. Bleached hair, fake tan and a tendency to blather on like the world revolves around her but she comes across as an airhead. People get sick of her short attention span as she rushes from campaign to campaign, like it's musical chairs and she's trying not to be the loser.

    But she is a loser. It's time to fire her ass and for her to go back to her "teaching career" at the daycare center somewhere. If she's poor, I say get a fkn job and stop mooching and panhandling. It's what most Republicans do. If she wants to be a whiny, excuse making welfare case, then she's in the wrong party.
  9. Anonymous 6/12/12 10:12
    Big talk from a rino ass like you.
  10. Anonymous 8/12/12 15:54
    Bottom line is that she is worthless and stinks up a campaign quicker than a dead skunk. Like most political operatives that let you know their title as soon as they meet you, she is about herself and nothing else. WARNING: WATCH OUT FOR WORTHLESS SIDEKICK JAQUELINE FRANZ AS SHE IS EQUALLY DISLOYAL AND UNETHICAL!
  11. Anonymous 17/12/12 17:11
    For all of you holier than thou bloggers. Think before you speak. Those of you without fault please cast the first stone. I'm sure most of you have plenty of things that could be said about you as well on this blog. She may not stick with one candidate to long but she is trying to help the republican party succeed as a whole. At least she is trying to take action. What are all of your comments doing to help anything, especially this political party? And we are talking about loyalty. Look how fast a 'fellow republican' turns on another without even knowing what is really going on. Bravo you 'republicans' keep up the good work.

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