Senate vacancy update: ACU likes Scott, Wilkins not interested, Colbert in lead, Haley not saying today

For those of you who are following the ongoing developments, here's a look at the last 24 or so hours of the Senate vacancy process:

American Conservative Union leader backs Tim Scott:

Al Cardenas, the Chair of the ACU, released a statement last night backing Scott:

On behalf of the American Conservative Union, I urge South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to make history and appoint Representative Tim Scott to the United States Senate. A strong conservative leader, Rep. Scott has an ACU rating of 96 and was elected as one of two members chosen by his colleagues to represent the 85 member Republican freshmen class at the leadership table.

David Wilkins - not interested: 

The former state House Speaker and Ambassador to Canada told the Greenville News he wasn't interested in the appointment. Wilkins said he would have considered serving as a two-year placeholder but Haley's decision to appoint a Senator interested in long-term tenure shut the door.

Colbert leads Scott for seat in poll:

poll released by Public Policy Polling showed Stephen Colbert, who grew up on James Island, leading other potential picks for the Senate seat. Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy followed Colbert.

Haley not talking - today:

Late yesterday afternoon, Haley's office put the word out that a meeting with Scott or an announcement would not be in her schedule today, when she is scheduled to visit the Charleston area, the heart of Scott's congressional district.

2 Response to "Senate vacancy update: ACU likes Scott, Wilkins not interested, Colbert in lead, Haley not saying today"

  1. west_rhino 12/12/12 11:13
    In Colbert's case there is a little issue of residency, no?
  2. Poppa Tom 13/12/12 12:39
    West Rhino-even if Colbert manages to weasel around the residency issue his voter base is limited to 18-35 year olds, which will only carry him so far. Colbert would need to raise funds,develope a campaign staff and strategy and build a grassroots network, just to be considered viable. Now Colbert might could do this but it would take just a few carpetbagger commericals and his overal support would evaporate faster than a mudpuddle in a August heatwave. Taking this one step further, exactly how well do you think Colbert would do in a issues oriented debated with Tim Scott, Henry McMaster or hell Jenny Sanford for that matter?? Could he articulate jokes--yes; could he articulate an understand of the issues and provide answers that voters in SC would agree with?? That remains to be seen.

    Being great at jokes and sophmoric humor might make him a celebrity and financially secure but being able to mount a creditable and ultimately winnable campaign would be a whole different kettle of fish. Colbert would do well to remember that politics in SC is a blood sport and if he got in the only blood in the water would be his (que theme from JAWS)...teg

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