The End

Eight years ago, I began writing a blog. Back then, I was in graduate school at night and wanted to push myself to think, research and write on a regular basis as a development tool to help with my studies. From that, the Blogland was born and over the last eight years, it’s been quite a ride.
As Blogland readers may have noticed, my writing crawled to a halt earlier this year around the time that I made a major career move. While the new gig been challenging and quite fulfilling, it’s involved a lot of 10-12 hour workdays and some weekend work as well – and as the Blogland was always a volunteer gig, blogging had to take a back seat.
But I will admit that I found that as I wrote less, I had more time during the week to enjoy going to lunch without having to rush to return calls and emails, that I liked spending my evenings and weekends relaxing instead of working on stories and that nobody calls me to complain about what I wrote or didn’t write. And the longer I stayed away from writing, the less desire I’ve had to get back into writing.
In light of this, I’ve decided to follow the sage advice of William Shatner, who once said “Get a life”. Thus it’s time to formally bring the Blogland to a close and sign off.
Thanks for tuning in.

Shane Massey revelations

It's shocking - but true.

Today is State Senator Shane Massey's Birthday and the Blogland wishes him a most Happy Birthday - and a great weekend too!

If you know him, be sure to do the same today.

About the Dorchester County Treasurer ...

Word has it that she can actually count.

Counting is an important skill when you're the Treasurer of Dorchester County. Usually Mary Pearson, the county's treasurer, does a great job of this.

Except when she tells you her age. She always seems to get that number wrong.

Maybe she's 40, maybe she's 50. In any event, be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday today!

Happy Birthday to Hugh Weathers

The Blogland wishes Hugh Weathers, our state's Commissioner of Agriculture, a happy birthday, however old he might be.

Todd Kincannon has a birthday?

Yes, really. He does, and we've been told he's turning 39 today. 

We hope he'll go out and celebrate the occasion, but knowing him, he'll just get on Twitter and set off one of his infamous Twitter wars with some celebrity, over Trayvon Martin or someone else dumb enough to take the bait.

Whatever he does, we hope it's fun.

Please join the Blogland in wishing one of the state's few Republican attorneys a Happy Birthday!

Senator Davis appears stunned at news

It's his birthday.

Attention Senator Tom Davis - it's your birthday, so go have some fun today - and take the weekend off and enjoy it!

Gary Simrill: It's his bithday

We heard a rumor and checked into it - and then we found out that it really was Gary Simrill's birthday. We were told he was turning 37 today, but we're not sure if that part is true.

For those of you who don't know York County's senior House member, who is in his 21st year of service in the Rock Hill-based District 46 seat, reaching out to wish him a Happy Birthday could be a good way to start.

Not bad for a guy who was first elected in his twenties.

Happy Birthday Gary!

Walton Cartoon: "IRS"

Unions not giving up on Boeing

The Boeing plant in North Charleston has been a sore spot with organized labor, who lost a high-profile proxy battle waged by the National Labor Relations Board to keep the airplane manufacturer from opening the plant in the first place. This action followed a vote to decertify the on-site local affiliate of the International Association of Machinists (IAM) union.

Not to be deterred by these defeats, the IAM continued its efforts to get back into the North Charleston, including hosting a meet-and-greet last fall with reportedly very low turnout.

The Charleston Post and Courier is reporting that the IAM effort is still ongoing, reporting that Tommy Mayfield, a regional IAM leader, has continued outreach efforts in an effort to organize a vote to bring a labor union into the North Charleston facility:

Happy Birthday to Susan Aiken

Susan Aiken is one of the best-known Republican politicos in Anderson County and is pretty well-known across South Carolina as well.

There's a lot to like about her. Friendly, hard-working and smart - she's a great person to have on anyone's team who wants to win.

Susan's also a regular Blogland reader who we appreciate.

Please join the Blogland in wishing Susan a very Happy Birthday!

Murrell Smith is how old?

You should find him and ask him that question, since today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Murrell!

Walton Cartoon: "Carney's Hope and Change"

South Carolina's Higher Ed "con game" shortchanges students & workforce

Writing in The State newspaper, former Abbeville County State Representative Harry Stille, himself a former college professor, sounded a call for reforming higher ed in South Carolina, warning that:

For years the Legislature and universities have conned us about the value of a baccalaureate degree, when these students would have been better off in the two-year system. Our technical colleges are where the major job growth potential is.
We need to limit university admissions to students who are in the top 50 percent of each high school class, who don’t need remedial classes and who score at least 910 on the SAT or 19 on the ACT. And we should send the rest of the students to the two-year system, where they, and we, will get their money’s worth.

I couldn't agree more. I've dealt with the issues of education and workforce, both as a career human resources professional and as a six-year member of the Charleston-area Workforce Investment Board, and have found that some of the most critical workforce shortages that we're faced with in South Carolina - as well as much of the rest of the South - is among those trades which require one to two years of technical education to enter.

Brian Frank turns to Dems for lawsuit help

After getting thumped in his bid for the Chair of the Cherokee County GOP, winning just three votes, Brian Frank's vendetta against the Republican Party has continued in the form of a lawsuit he is pursuing against Chair Chad Connelly and the SCGOP.

Thus far, Franks' efforts to solicit donations for the lawsuit have raised a paltry $740, according to his page on the GoFundMe website. To help raise more money, Franks has turned to the Democrats for help, according to this screenshot of the Facebook page of the Charleston County Democratic Party.

If he doesn't raise the money from Democrats, we're not sure where he'll go next.

Walton Cartoon: "Al Gore Lied?"

Walton Cartoon: "Five percent off Obama"

Walton Cartoon: "Never Give Up"

This cartoon from the Walton household was done by THEIR guest cartoonist - a ten-year old who submitted this cartoon, which they in turn submitted to the Blogland.

This looks like sage advice for a Monday.

Enjoy the week ... and never give up!

Jim Clyburn: Twenty years & nothing to brag about

I spend a few moments before I leave in the morning or before I close my eyes at night trying to figure out how I can do something to make every one of you proud.

How could Clyburn make every one of us proud? Let's look at what he's done so far:

Senator Grooms rejects write-in campaign, stands with Sanford

Berkeley County State Senator Larry Grooms, who narrowly missed getting into the GOP run-off for the First Congressional District special election, became the subject of a write-in effort launched by an out-of-state group. In a statement sent to the Blogland, Grooms flatly rejected this effort, re-affirming his support for GOP nominee Mark Sanford:

I learned today that a national conservative tea-party group has expressed their intent to launch a write-in campaign on my behalf. Their decision was done without my knowledge or consent. It is my desire to untie conservatives, not divide them.

While I am grateful to have had their past support, my race is over.

I am asking them to stop their effort.

Rep. Shannon Erickson turns 39 today

Ok, regardless of what she tells you or what her driver's license might say, at least the Beaufort County legislator ACTS like she's 39.

Which isn't a bad thing.

Be sure to wish one of the Blogland's favorite legislators a Happy Birthday - and tell her to take tomorrow off (as if anyone doesn't want to take Mondays off).

Becky Delleney: Is it true?

Yes, it's true. We checked it out and confirmed it.

Today is her birthday. If you know her (and you should), be sure to reach out and wish her a Happy Birthday.

While her husband Greg is a well-recognized politico, as the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Becky is well-known for being here, there and everywhere on the South Carolina political landscape as the most visible Republican from Chester County.

She's also a lot of fun to hang out with.

Happy Birthday Becky - be sure to have a great day and an even better weekend!

Carolinas AGC Legislative Reception is TONIGHT!

While we hope you've marked your calendar already, the calendar girls are here to remind you one more time that the annual Carolinas AGC legislative reception will be held this evening from 6 to 8 pm at the Palmetto Club.

This afternoon, construction industry leaders will be visiting the State House to learn more about how the legislative process works and share their concerns with legislators.

This event is always a great opportunity for legislators to unwind a bit after session and touch base with people in the state's construction industry, so we're hoping to see a lot of legislators and staff there.

Don't miss it!

Construction types coming to State House tomorrow

Members of Carolinas AGC, the state's foremost association for general construction contractors, will be visiting the State House tomorrow. Their "Day on the Hill" begins at 2pm, followed by their annual legislative reception at the State House, which will be held at the Palmetto Club from 6 to 8pm.

As always, the reception is a great opportunity for legislators to unwind a bit after session and touch base with people in the state's construction industry, so we're hoping to see a lot of legislators and staff there.

The Blogland will be there as well.

Think before you send: E-mail etiquette in the workplace

This article is cross-posted from my professional HR & Safety blog - "Earl Capps On The Job":

Recently, I was asked to put together a short presentation on e-mail etiquette in the workplace for one of my company's workgroups. There's a lot of talk about what to say and not to say in e-mails circulating around so it wasn't hard to put it together, but with a little reading a handful of points become apparent.

The blog Civility and the Workplace shares some useful insights from David Shipley and Will Schwalbe, who wrote the book "Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home", summarizing three key points from their book:
  • Think before you send.
  • Send email you would like to receive.
  • Write email that is so effective that it cuts down on email.
These are certainly three excellent basic rules to follow. From there, everything else is as the legendary Rabbi Hibbel once said of the Jewish Torah, "is just commentary. Go and study it."

Barbara Richman, a human resources consultant writing for Lorman Educational Services Employment and Labor Update, shared ten basic rules for using e-mail in the workplace:

Carolinas AGC Legislative Reception - next Wednesday

Like the calendar girl is suggesting ... it's that time of year again - the annual Carolinas AGC legislative reception will be held on Wednesday, April 17. This will follow an afternoon of construction industry leaders visiting the State House

As always, the reception is a great opportunity for legislators to unwind a bit after session and touch base with people in the state's construction industry, so we're hoping to see a lot of legislators and staff there.

Of course, the Blogland will be there, so you don't want to miss the occasion.

That's Wednesday, April 17 from 6 to 8 pm at the Palmetto Club, right across from the State House. Be sure to mark your calendar and come join us.

Rob Alt: Today's birthday boy

Rob's in the middle!
It may be Monday, which isn't a good day for most people, but today, it's Rob Alt's birthday.

Alt has become well-known in Clarendon County as the owner of The Palms at Wyboo, a restaurant located in lower Clarendon County, near Lake Marion. It's a great place to get dinner and hang out for a few beers.

It's also one of the best-known gathering spots for Republican politicos in the region, hosting numerous events, including for the infamous Four Horsemen.

Rob's rebuilding the restaurant after a fire took place last year and we're certainly looking forward to seeing what he's done with the place.

In the meantime, we hope our readers will join us in wishing Rob a big "Thank You" for his efforts and a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Allen Olson

He may be a cheesehead to some, but in the Blogland, Allen Olson is today's birthday boy!

Be sure to join the Blogland in wishing Allen a Happy Birthday!

Florence County: Renee Woodberry for State E.C. rep

For years, Florence County Republicans have struggled to match their performance in major races with down-ballot races, going Republican in major top-ballot races, but leaving the county in the hands of shady Democrats well known for serving themselves instead of the public. While this problem precedes the takeover of the Florence GOP by the current reining faction four years ago, these problems have become increasingly toxic, holding them back at the local level while alienating them from Republicans outside of their county.

This need for change is why the Blogland endorses Renee Woodberry to represent Florence County on the State GOP Executive Committee.

At the Seventh District convention, we watched as a Florence County candidate for District Chair won all but one delegate from his home county, but lost almost every delegate from every other Pee Dee county. There's a lot of other complaints that we've become aware of and issues that we've experienced personally, but our readers don't have the time to hear the laundry list. Besides, we'd rather talk about a path forward - which is something Renee can do.

Clarendon County: Keep Moye Graham Chairman

Some things are best done three times just to make sure, which is why the Blogland is backing the best-known rural County Chair Moye Graham, from Clarendon County, for a third term (as we did in 2009 & 2011).
For years, Clarendon Republicans were seldom seen or heard, but Graham has turbo-charged the Clarendon GOP, helping boost their recognition in the community, seeing statewide candidates regularly take well over 40% of the county's vote and helping engineer some embarassing political upsets. He's also attracted a large following from Republican VIPs from across the state, who regulary go out of their way to attend events in his county.
Of the many occasions where we visit rural county GOP meetings, we can say that Graham has some of the largest meeting turnouts that we've ever seen, bigger than many counties with two or three times the population. Most importantly, Graham engages that turnout by recruiting them to work in races, especially with phone banks that support candidates in other counties and states.
Clarendon County Republicans used to be few in number and they didn't matter to anyone - but not anymore. Under Moye's leadership, they're going on offense. That's a change for the better, earning him a third term, which Clarendon Republicans should give him at their county convention later this month.

Richland County: Sandra Bryan for State E.C. rep

One would have to go back decades to see a point at which Richland County Republicans were so politically irrelevant in their county. Last year's elections were a disaster for the county's GOP: another State House seat and County Council seat lost, another long-safe House seat won by a squeaker and a total disaster in another Senate race - and a major part of the county's GOP voters are now pondering secession via the Birch County effort because they feel so politically marginalized and see so little hope for change.

Not only that, but a lot of experts believe the only one of the county's four State Senate seats held by a Republican will flip to Democratic control when Senate President Pro Tem John Courson retires.

There are a lot of Republicans in Richland County that we like, but the problems faced by the county's GOP won't be solved by a popularity contest. They require serious and immediate action - which is why the Blogland endorses Sandra Bryan for the open-seat contest for the county's State Executive Commiteee post.

Happy Birthday to Charleston Thug Life

The Blogland wants to extend our thanks and best birthday wishes to Charleston Thug Life - a ground-breaking blog which exposes the hoodlums who hang on social media, showing you the bad, the worse, and the downright ugly.

Screen captures are paired up with rap sheets - and in some cases those exposed are actually doing time, using smuggled phones to keep in touch.

Writing on their website, they are telling their readers that they plan to keep on keeping on:

We are starting to see small changes. Some bond judges have taken note of the unfavorable and professionally embarrassing exposure and are actually setting more appropriate bonds on violent and repeat offenders. Citizens have been made aware of what is happening in their neighborhoods and we get more and more information from them every day. We don't know for sure, but we suspect law enforcement finds at least some of this information useful and actionable.

Our plan is to keep going. Our hope is that more citizens choose to become involved and forward information. We are a small group with other responsibilities to tend to and we definitely welcome any assistance.

Do we know who they are? No, and nobody else does either, but it's likely that disclosing such information would put people in harm's way and cost some their jobs. Thus anonymity is a good thing for these guys, especially since they tell it to you straight, presenting the facts to back up their arguments and allow dissenting (and often downright ignorant) points of view to be presented in the comments section of their stories.

Others are attempting to follow their lead, most notably Upstate Thug Life. We think that's a good thing.

The guy who killed my brother

The Blogland may be down for a few days (but given the slowdown in writing since I started the new job, that may not be as unusual as it might've once been) as I'll be in court in Charleston this week.

Many of you have asked about the status of the case regarding Brandon Ancrum, who was charged with reckless homicide in the death of my brother back in July 2010. Well, that's why I'm going to be in court - the case is going to trial.

The case has moved forward with a very hands-on treatment by the Solicitor's Office. Some of the delay was due to the need to move some very time-sensitive major cases forward (let's face it, nothing in this case is changing) - moves which my family, myself included, endorsed.

Since getting out on bond, Mr. Ancrum hasn't let life slow him down, as evidenced by two subsequent traffic-related convictions. Apparently the requirement to turn in his driver's license and stay under house arrest didn't last long.

Let's hope the Lowcountry streets are a little safer after this week.

Cesar Chavez: Celebrating America's favorite farm thug

Leave it to the Obama administration to choose today to celebrate the life of Cesar Chavez. Like the former Venezuelan strongman whose last name he shares, this Chavez has a love of abusing government power and embracing Third World dictators - something both Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama are notorious for doing.

No wonder Obama felt his birthday was worthy of commemoration.

Chavez led the United Farm Workers (UFW), an agricultural labor union with a record of intimidation and violence. Their record was so blatant that even the left-wing NYC Village Voice reported about their "campaign of random terror against anyone hapless enough to fall into its net."  This record of violence motivated Joe Hicks, a Jesse Jackson associate, to testify against funding for a Chavez memorial effort, concerned about how "Chavez dealt with violence as his UFW organizers often made use of strong-arm tactics against field workers in California's Central and Coachella Valleys."
As if that's not bad enough, more evidence supports a less optimistic view of the life and legacy of Chavez.

Beaufort school mural bashes capitalism

Thanks to the good citizens of Charleston Thug Life for exposing this one.

They've reported on mural at Robert Smalls Middle School takes direct aim at capitalism, with the quote "You can't have capitalism without racism". The Wikiquote website attributes that quote to Malcolm X

We're not sure if that was intended to a portrayal of him in the mural, but if so, that was a lousy attempt.

There are a lot less inflammatory quotes that could have been presented from X, who was known for preaching a fiery brand of black separatism combined with self-reliance and distrust of liberal white politicians during the civil rights era.

School board member resignation demanded over Kincannon tweets

A Pennsylvania school board member faced a call for his resignation after engaging in a Twitter conversation with Todd Kincannon, a Columbia attorney and GOP politico with a growing reputation as a nationally-known conservative agent provocateur via social media.

Julian Stolz, a member of the East Penn School Board, faced a demand that he resign by a parent upset with recent comments that he exchanged with Kincannon earlier this month. The LowerMacungie Patch reported that at a recent school board meeting, Lou Schuler, a parent with children in two of the district's schools, told the board that "Stolz was not the kind of person he wanted making policy for the schools his children attend and demanded that Stolz resign immediately."

According to the local WFMZ-TV news website, Schuler went on to criticize Stolz as one who "ridicules the people he serves and who despises the very idea of public education."

The offending tweets took place during a highly-publicized flap over Tweets made by Kincannon during the Super Bowl. The parent cited two tweets between Stolz and Kincannon:

Kincannon: “There is nothing more brain rotting than public schools. God I pity the proletariat for having to send their inferior crotchfruit to them.”

Stolz: “@ToddKincannon as a School Board director, I wish I could disagree. As a sentient being, I cannot.”

When contacted by the Blogland, Kincannon defended Stolz:

God forbid someone actually state the obvious, that the elites in this country want to keep the public schools crappy so that they can continue to send their kids to fancy private schools, while opposing vouchers so that the rest of us can too.

We'll keep you posted on any further developments on this story.

Inventing racism: Obama Labor nominee's love of "disparate impact" theory

As American society attempts to move beyond racial politics and racism in society, Thomas Perez the Obama administration's nominee to head the Department of Labor is hell-bent on turning back the clock by advocating a controversial legal doctrine which imagines racism and assumes guilt on the part of businesses with no evidence of wrongful actions or malicious intent necessary.

The doctrine of "disparate impact" is a legal doctrine which assumes that discrimination can be proven simply by looking at outcomes. This doctrime assumes that if no discriminatory practices or malicious intent can be identified, the finding that a policy or practice resulted in outcomes in which "protected groups", such as women and minorities, were disqualified more or qualified less than others is all that is needed to assume some form of "unintentional discrimination" took place - no actual evidence of discriminatory intent is necessary. Even if a given policy or practice had clear, non-racial reasons for being developed, such as criminal background or credit risk checks.

A recent Wall Street Journal story discussed Perez' ambitious efforts to apply disparate impact theory while an Assistant U.S. Attorney General, even to the point where he may have undermined civil cases to seek a deal to keep cases from going to the Supreme Court that might have resulted in an unfavorable judicial review of his agenda:

The real enemy of Republicans in SC1 contest

Many Republicans are privately concerned about the potential of Democrats to carry the open First Congressional District seat. Without a doubt, such a loss would be a stunning upset, giving Democrats control of one of the longest-held GOP Congressional districts in the South.

In the Carolinas and Georgia, only three Congressional seats have been held by the GOP for longer than SC1: NC9 (Charlotte region) since 1962, SC2 since 1968 and GA6 (Western Atlanta suburbs) since 1978.  Since Tommy Hartnett won the seat for the GOP in an open-seat contest in 1980, it's usually been a safe seat, with just one close call in 2008.

While there are concerns about the potential vulnerability of the GOP run-off contenders and the high profile and strong fundraising prowess of the Democratic nominee, Republicans may be overlooking one of the biggest threats to their ability to hold onto this seat:


Larry Grooms: Always a winner

The Birthday Boy at my 40th Birthday Bash.
Moye Graham's on his right and
Larry Kobrovsky's on his left.
The Blogland wants to wish Berkeley County's State Senator Larry Grooms a Happy Birthday.

Working on his 1997 and 2000 Senate races were some of the most memorable campaign experiences and both were long-shots which produced late-night victories. The first race turned a heavily-Democratic seat into Republican hands and the second race was the contest which gave Republicans control of the State Senate.

I've always believed that many never appreciated just how costly, grueling and emotionally draining the 2000 re-election contest was or how much his family endured to help make history that year.

Maybe he didn't win the First District Congressional primary last night, but there's no mistaking that Larry gave it his all, as he always does, and no matter what, kept smiling and kept working until the last vote was cast. That's just what he does.

No matter what the bean counters tell you, Larry Grooms is always a winner.

Where was Peter McCoy?

Yesterday, when Peter McCoy was on the ballot for the First District Congressional GOP Primary, where was he?

Instead of chasing votes, the State Representative from James Island (the hometown of yours truly) was in Columbia as the General Assembly was in session, tending to several bills he was working on. In his second term in the House, the former prosecutor has become known for being one of those leading efforts to toughen a number of criminal justice laws.

We've always liked Peter and we can't help but respect a guy who's more concerned with doing the job he was elected to do than climbing the political ladder. 

Walton Cartoon: "Sludge Killer"

Chesterfield County Sheriff indicted amid numerous misconduct allegations

It's not a good time to be a Sheriff in South Carolina - they keep getting in trouble. The latest is Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker, who was indicted earlier today on six counts of misconduct in office

Parker's indictment comes after reports surfaced in January of a SLED investigation - an investigation which the agency originally denied was taking place.

Parker faces four counts of Misconduct in Office and two counts of Furnishing Contraband to Inmates, accused of allowing state inmates to live as civilians outside of prison in exchange for working on his home and personal property.

Parker's indictment follows a string of arrests and removals of Sheriffs in rural counties around the state in recent years. The list includes former Sheriffs in Abbeville, Lee, Saluda and Union Counties. There have also been inquiries into the operation of the Chester County Sheriff's Office by a Sheriff who lost a re-election bid last year.

Two years ago, Parker said he was called a "a ruthless, barbaric, redneck, hill-billy killing machine", after four of his employees were accused of taking animals from a local animal shelter and shooting them, allegedly for target practice, making the county of Democratic State Rep. Ted Vick more like the home of Michael Vick.

No word on when the Governor's office will appoint a replacement, but we've been informed local Democrats want to see the current Chief Deputy appointed to replace the Sheriff.

Happy Birthday Tommy Grimes

The Blogland wishes a Happy Twenty-First Birthday to Seventh District Congressional District GOP Vice-Chairman Tommy Grimes. In addition to being one of the notorious "Four Horsemen of the Political Apocalypse", an allegedly-shadowy political ring in state politics, he's a veteran of Pee Dee politics, having served in county and district level party offices for over two decades.

A guy like this deserves some recognition. And since his birthday is on a weekend, it seems like a good time to have a party.

If you know him - and even if you don't - take a few minutes to wish him a Happy Birthday today.

Obama nominates Voter ID lawyer to lead Labor Department

If you've ever heard of Thomas Perez, you might've been involved in the court battle over South Carolina's Voter ID law. But if you haven't heard of him and work in the private sector, you might get to learn more about him soon.

And we're betting you won't like what you see.

Perez, who will be nominated by the Obama administration to lead the Department of Labor, is currently an Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, where he led failed efforts to try to block South Carolina's Voter ID law. He also worked to expand the scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act, one of the most anti-employer laws on the books.

Imagine what Perez, who has never worked a day in the private sector, would do as Labor Secretary if confirmed.

While you're thinking about it, call your Senators and ask them what they're going to do about the Perez confirmation. We will.

Adam Piper: Getting older today

We want to wish Adam Piper a very Happy Birthday today and hope you'll reach out to him today as well.

Adam came to South Carolina for college and never left,  racking up some pretty impressive accomplishments as a campaign operative, including playing key roles in the 2010 GOP primary upset win by State Treasurer Curtis Loftis and the primary and general election victories of Attorney General Alan Wilson that year.

In reflecting upon his life in the Palmetto State, he shared some insightful observations:

I have also grown and matured to a view point that there is more to Carolina than beer, bourbon, and belles, and there is far more than all beautiful faces and smiling places. The fact of the matter is it's home and it's a place where I grew into my adulthood, and made countless memories and friendships, I'll never forget.

Hey Adam, just promise us you won't grow up too much?

Media 101: Never threaten a reporter

Any way you look at it, there's no way anyone can view a recent e-mail exchange between the wife of Seventh District Congressman Tom Rice and Grand Strand Daily report Paul Gable as good. Like many moments in politics in South Carolina, the truth is so out there that it's hard for us to make it up.

Speaking during a candidate forum at Big Mike’s restaurant in Myrtle Beach, Lazarus said he had steam coming from his ears hearing of the good ole boy system in Horry County.

“I’m sick of hearing about good ole boys,” Lazarus said. “There’s no good ole boys, just good people who volunteer their time to help the county.”

Walton Cartoon: "Kerry's Magic Money Ride"

Walton Cartoon: "Chavez, you're late"