First District parody candidates on Twitter

The race to fill the First Congressional District seat is underway. Without a minute to spare, pranksters have taken the race to Twitter with parody Twitter accounts. While we've seen this taking place in some South Carolina races, the speed and number of parody accounts is greater than before.

So far, the Blogland has identified four Twitter parody accounts running wild (look at some of the comments and you'll see what we mean):

As the race develops, we're sure there will be more. Stay tuned.

4 Response to "First District parody candidates on Twitter"

  1. Nancy Hicks 18/1/13 20:15
    I don't think @mofflyswine is a parody account. I think she thought it up late one night over a bottle of wine.
  2. John Steinbuggar 20/1/13 17:04
    What a piece malarky. How could I, the longest continiously running Lowcountry parody account, be left out of this. I know why. It's because you are against the fairtax. You want us to continue to have the highest taxes in the nation. This whole thing was an attack on fairtax.
  3. earlcapps 20/1/13 17:33
    JS, it was an intentional act of discrimination. You have your lawyer call me. Whoever he is. Whoever you are.
  4. John Steinbuggar 21/1/13 14:22
    Big words from a big man with a big mouth. I sell legalshield, now with a nullification rider. I can nullify you with one phone call. Everyone sees how you are doing Bobby Harrell's dirty work to kill fairtax. I am the living embodiment of fairtax. An attack on me is ab attack on a free and prosperous America. Fairtax is THE ONLY PATH.

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