Gloria Tinubu update: The Green Quitter ain't quittin'

Gloria "The Green Quitter" Tinubu's appearance in South Carolina politics has been as turbulent as her career in Georgia politics and academia, not to mention Delta Airlines flights. But give her credit - she's not always a quitter.

After losing her bid for the Seventh Congressional District seat, where she upset the state's Democratic political machine, which had lined up State Rep. Ted Vick and then Pee Dee attorney Preston Brittain, Tinubu is making plans for a comeback. According to an email she sent out earlier today:

Thank you for your support during my run as the Democratic nominee for South Carolina's 7th Congressional District. Having garnered over 120,000 votes, we were roughly 6 percentage points away from a victory. In order to position myself to run again and win, I need your help now. 

First, I'm asking you to consider serving on my campaign finance committee for your county. As a committee member, you will help set our fundraising goals and develop strategies to meet those goals. Most of the meetings will be held via conference call with in-person monthly or quarterly meetings held only on an as-needed basis. Please let me know your willingness to serve via email at or call us at 843.488.2234. 

Secondly, if possible, I'm asking you to make another contribution now and/or ask friends and family to match the contribution you made. I want to retire my short-term campaign debt owed to staff and consultants no later than January 31, 2013. 

I'm turning to you, my friends and loyal supporters, to help in this early phase of fundraising.

We can't help but wonder what she's going to run for next.

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