Kickback scheme at S.C. State the target of federal probe and indictments

At any reputable public college or university, the kind of dysfunction, stone-walling and misappropriated money that seems the norm at S.C. State Universiy wouldn't be tolerated.

Today's news of federal indictments related to kickbacks involving S.C. State board members and campus police are yet another wake-up call for the school nobody seems to want to touch:

A former trustee at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg has been indicted in a federal kickback scheme, according to documents unsealed Thursday.

Court documents reviewed by The Associated Press show that Jonathan N. Pinson faces two felony counts of interference with commerce by threat of violence. Pinson, a Greenville businessman, used his position to solicit favors and money, prosecutors said.

Also indicted is a Greenville businessman who allegedly worked with Pinson. A former university police chief pled guilty to his role in the scheme and is cooperating with investigators.

Apparently since the state won't clean the school up, the feds will have to do the job for South Carolina.

We know these would be problems at other places, but look at the pattern taking place here. Nobody seems to care what takes place, judging by the lack of accountability for the school, so if the big money hole known as the James E. Clyburn Transportation Center is considered perfectly acceptable, which it seems to be based upon the lack of attention upon the school's problems, why should anyone care about a few more kickbacks?

Isn't it finally time for someone to take this school's problems seriously, demand accountability and either clean the school up or close it?

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