More Sheriff problems

The last couple of weeks haven't been good for South Carolina Sheriffs.

Last week, the Abbeville County Sheriff was convicted for misconduct in office. This week, problems reportedly have surfaced in two other counties: Chester and Chesterfield.

The Link, a Chesterfield County newspaper, reported that SLED is investigating reports of using inmate labor. While SLED denied the investigation to WBTW TV News, the Blogland received other reports of an ongoing inquiry going back to Friday of last week.

But wait, there's more ...

Alex Underwood, the newly-elected Sheriff in Chester County, found unserved and unlogged warrants for several dozen people in a storage container that dated back over the last year and were left behind from the previous Sheriff, who Underwood defeated in November. The charges reportedly include a wide range of offenses, including drug violations, rape and assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

Underwood has called SLED in to investigate and help untangle the mess. Source have confirmed that there is discussion of bringing charges in the matter.

Let's hope Underwood's tenure goes uphill from here.

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  1. Ernie 26/1/13 19:41
    Parker was embarrassed a couple of years ago with the shooting of dogs from the county animal shelter. His deputies used the dogs for target practice at the county dump. The man does not need another stain on his political underwear.
    He got a pass on the "dog" problem and it will probably be difficult to get anyone in this county's government to pursue anything against Parker. I hope the SLED investigation exposes this for what it is. If he did not do anything wrong, good for him. If he did abuse his power in office, he should pay.

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