Richland County: Where nobody really gets fired

The Election Day mess in Richland County last year was the worst ever seen in this state in modern times.  The lines, polls with lines hours after the 7pm closing time, a widespread shortage of voting machines and trickle of ballots magically appearing were unprecedented in modern times.

After an investigation and hearings, we were told the person believed to be most responsible for the mess, Lillian McBride, the county's Director of Elections was fired and that a house-cleaning would get the county's election operation back in order.

But we must warn our readers that while the word "fired" in most places means you're gone and a new team comes in to straighten things out, the word seems to have a very different meaning in Richland County.

In Richland County, when you're "fired", that just means demoted with a modest pay cut, because McBride is back as the county's deputy elections director. According to The State:

McBride – who last week agreed to step out of her $89,124-a-year director’s job – would stay in the office, overseeing county voter registration efforts and absentee balloting. That’s the job she held 18 months ago before becoming the state’s highest-paid county elections director and presiding Nov. 6 over the most bungled county election in modern state history. Wednesday night, the four-member county elections commission, which oversees the elections office, passed resolutions urging incoming interim elections director Jasper Salmond to offer McBride the job at that salary.

Go figure.

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  1. Eneils Bailey 13/1/13 17:51
    "Go figure."
    I did "go figure," and realized we may be grooming the inland version of the city of "Atlantic Beach."
    Presently, I would not want to reside in either place.

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