S.C. State to offer Corruption major

Struggling with declining enrollment and funding shortfalls, S.C. State University could use some fresh new ideas to help boost enrollment. The Blogland has been informed that the college intends to specialize in a new major in Corruption.

"A lot of people have called this college a poster child for corruption," one source at the Orangeburg-based university told us. "So we figured 'why not work with what we're good at?'"

The school has been the center of a lot of attention regarding money, ethics and it's leadership. Recently, a former university board Chair and former campus police chief were busted in a big kickback scandal. While this would seem to be more than enough of a scandal for any college, S.C. State has been the source of enough incompetence and mismanagement for ten colleges, as evidenced by a string of problems faced by the school:

With a record like this, several education consultants told the Blogland that no other college in the state was qualified to lead this program - one of the few things it seems to excel at - this it made sense that the school would pursue the opportunity.

When contacted for comment, board members and college administrators were not available for comment - which is nothing new for the university.

We've also been told that the program may offer a minor in license plate manufacturing engineering, as well as another minor pro se representation with concentrations in federal and state court self-defense.

Reportedly the program will be inviting former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to speak to classes. No word on if former Orangeburg County Council Chairman John Rickenbaker, who Clyburn hired to work for him while he was on probation for bribery and extortion charges, will join the program's faculty.

* Thanks to Terrell Cook from Clarendon County for helping inspire this story. If this had been an actual story, it wouldn't be much different than the truth, except the university isn't smart enough to actually try to make money from the idea.

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