Set-up at Tea Party convention?

Earlier this month, several stories claimed that radical political activities were taking place at the Tea Party convention held in Myrtle Beach, most notably the "witch doctor" t-shirt activist who reported selling t-shirts which portrayed Barack Obama as a witch doctor. Writing on, Tim Slagle responded to those stories with a different take on things:

No matter what Conservatives do to make their case, the Alinsky-bound Left is determined to continue the narrative of angry white racists.

Did you know there was a Tea Party convention in South Carolina, last weekend? Well if you read the Huffington Post or any number of Left Wing blogs, you do now. Because some yahoo, decided it would be funny to show up in a T-Shirt, with a caricature of the President as a Witch Doctor.

Slagle dug deeper into this story, finding a more restrained picture than what was presented by other sources, including raising questions about the identity of the person who allegedly produced and sold the t-shirts.

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