Blogland to moderate first –ever Twitter parody candidates’ forum – #FirstFreakForum

With a large field of Twitter parody accounts aimed at satirizing many of the GOP candidates in the First Congressional District race, the Blogland has decided to give them a first-ever Parody Candidates forum. This event will kick off at 5pm this Saturday and will last two hours.

Follow the hashtag #FirstFreakForum to watch, learn more about the parody candidates (and maybe about the actual candidates) and have a few laughs.

The rules are as follows:

  • Yours truly will call out each of the known parody accounts, by alphabetical order according to their Twitter handle, and each will be given three sequential tweets in a 90 second interval to make an opening statement.
  • Following that, questions will be submitted and each Twitter “candidate” will be allowed to respond in the same alphabetical order - no more than three consecutive tweets to a single question.
  • Questions for the Twitter parody candidates will be drawn at random by yours truly. To submit questions, please email them to
  • Alphabetical order will be determined by the list which will be posted on the Blogland three hours before the start of the event. Those Twitter parodies who are not listed in this story should message me at @bloglandec if they are NOT on this list to ensure inclusion no less than three hours before the event begins.
  • None of the Twitter parodies are allowed to use profanity - try to restrain yourselves (for once).

The known parody candidates' list is as follows - and candidates will be called on in this order:

You are invited and encouraged to tune in for this first-ever event. While we're not quite sure what to expect, it's bound to be pretty wild stuff.

12 Response to " Blogland to moderate first –ever Twitter parody candidates’ forum – #FirstFreakForum"

  1. Anonymous 14/2/13 13:04
    Pretty amazing you have the ability to get all of these parodies to participate. It wouldn't be because you and your buddy Billy Simons operate them all, would it?
  2. Anonymous 14/2/13 14:53
    Note that Earl said he was going to call them out and allow them to respond. Nowhere did he say he actually had them all confirmed to participate. But since he's only allowing them 90 seconds before moving on to the next, wouldn't that make it hard to log in as him, call out a name, log out, log in as the name, make the comment and do it all over all.

    Mr. Hall, you really don't like Earl and Billy, do you? Control your envy, email him a question to ask and enjoy the show. He's a much better sport than you and most of your friends are.
  3. Anonymous 14/2/13 16:24
    I have an app on my phone that would allow me to toggle between unlimited twitter accounts in seconds - and if you had more than one person, why, it would be quite easy. I have no problem with Earl, or Billy for that matter. It's not personal. I just usually take issue with people head on if I have a problem with them. I don't smile to their face and then libel them on twitter using a fake account. And you know what? I enjoy parody comedy. I would have no issue if that's all it was - but some of the viciousness I've seen is uncalled for. And I think dragging a candidate's son into the mix is beyond crossing the line. So if you have a problem with me, the RLC, or whatever, you or any of your friends are welcome to tell me about it. I'm always up for the fight. But I don't like the two-faced politics and backstabbing.But Earl, I do give you credit for publishing my comments. At least you are not afraid of the criticism. Billy just blocks me because I don't gush over his blog posts.
  4. Billy Simons 14/2/13 18:55
    I'm glad that someone thinks I have the time to operate a parody account. Fortunately, I am busy the entire being a productive member of society and generating income for myself. None of which has EVER come from a political campaign, candidate, consultant etc. I also prefer to sign my actual name to anything I write,


    Billy Simons
  5. Anonymous 14/2/13 19:01
    Guess my second comment doesn't get published huh?
  6. Ashley Beach 14/2/13 22:13
    Anonymous 1, the best way to get the sand out of your vagina is to use the bidet. I should know.
  7. earlcapps 14/2/13 22:20
    1901 - I was busy. Thursdays are my "double days" where I work my day job and then teach an evening class. That means I'm usually working from about 8am to 9pm. I guess it's a little hard to play with ten different Twitter alter-egos when I don't even have time to approve comments.

    1624 - I agree, family is off limits. That's why the Daniel Bostic parody wasn't on the invite list for this "forum". If he attempts to participate, I won't accomodate him/her. As to putting my name to what I write, you did notice that I have this blog which has my name all over it? As many people as I've ticked off over the years, why hide to lob a few snarky comments, most of which aren't any more abrasive than what I post on my blog?
  8. earlcapps 14/2/13 22:25
    1624, also note where I wrote "None of the Twitter parodies are allowed to use profanity - try to restrain yourselves (for once)". I'm sure that will cause some of them to struggle to find words. I don't mind parody either, but there's a difference between parody and viciousness.
  9. Anonymous 14/2/13 23:29
    One more point I'd like to make. A parody is one thing, but fabricating in Photoshop a Facebook comment so it appears to be screen cap, then posting that false image so it appears that an individual actually made that statement, borders on slander and libel. I noted that most of the manufactured comments I saw (posted on Facebook by a fake account, of course) attempted to implicate that these individuals were conspiring against you Earl. So perhaps you manufactured them yourself in an attempt to show that others were falsely conspiring against you? Could be - but I think that would also implicate yourself as the manufacturer of said images, and I think you would be too smart to do that. So the more probable case is that a friend of yours manufactured those images, perhaps with or even without your knowledge, in hopes that you would see them and believe them to be true statements, in order to gain your support to work against those individuals. Either way, in either of those scenarios, I believe that person reads this blog here. So be on notice that your actions are libel.
  10. earlcapps 15/2/13 07:54
    2329, i wasn't aware anyone was out to get me. I get threats but I'm not gonna cry about them. They're the price of doing business but I have no idea what you're talking about in this case.

    As to serving me notice, have your attorney get in touch with me. Until then, I'll say what I want. It's hard to take an unsubstantiated and anonymous rant seriously.
  11. Billy Simons 15/2/13 21:06
    For the record, I only block people that lack the ability to contribute anything useful to the conversation. I prefer to engage with people that are capable of actual intellectual discussion. If this gutless wonder that refuses to identify himself would care to discuss this further, I am very easy to contact and would be happy to discuss it further as my schedule permits.

    Billy Simons
  12. west_rhino 20/2/13 09:24
    It does have that purim air about it... so is the deli bag in a pocket Ham in taschen?

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