DeMint kicks off new SC-based think tank

Fresh on the heels of his new high-profile role at the helm of the Heritage Foundation, former Senator Jim DeMint hasn't forgotten the folks back home.

DeMint is taking $300,000 from his Senate campaign fund to seed the new Palmetto Policy Forum and is putting Ellen Weaver, his former Senate state director, in charge of the organization. Also coming on board is long-time policy researcher Oran Smith.

If successful, the group would could fill a gap created by the once-prominent Policy Council, which was a research and issue advocacy powerhouse under former President Ed McMullen, but since has turned to alliances with left-wing radical groups and spent much of its energy attacking public officials.

As to the question of if the new group will have more influence upon politics and policy than the current or former Policy Council, or any other advocacy group, time will tell, but we hope they'll make headway at pushing good ideas. Lord knows some new ideas are needed in Columbia.

  • Gresham Barrett, former Congressman and a 2010 GOP candidate for Governor
  • Michael Brenan, state president of BB&T and Gov. Nikki Haley’s appointee to the S.C. State Board of Education
  • Michael McBride, chairman of Anderson-based HMR Veterans Services Inc.
  • C. Dan Adams, president and chief executive of Greenville-based The Capital Corp.
  • Stu Rodman, founder and the forum’s vice-chairman. He is also the Vice-Chair of Beaufort County Council
We'll be watching to see the group's progress. While their website is still under construction, their Facebook website is online. Check it out.

1 Response to "DeMint kicks off new SC-based think tank"

  1. Nancy Hicks 7/2/13 08:34
    Wow a real conservative think tank instead of the one that's been subverted by the Paulians and that angry menopausal hag?

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