Jim Clyburn: We might be stuck with him

While the Congressional Black Caucus may be touting Congressman Jim "JC Hammer" Clyburn to replace outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, it's likely that South Carolina's biggest leech serving in Congress will be stuck in his Congressional seat for the time being.

Congressman Clyburn is an exceptionally well-qualified, proven candidate ... It is without reservation that I urge you to strongly consider this recommendation.

Yeah, we thought that was pretty funny too. We couldn't make quotes like that up.

While Clyburn's buddies think a "good ol' boy" appointment is in order, serious transportation people aren't even giving the Congressman time of day for the post.

In the February issue of Roads and Bridges Magazine, a construction industry magazine, several people were named as prospects - and Clyburn didn't make the list:

  • Victor Mendez - Administrator, Federal Highway Administration
  • Antonio Villaraigosa - Los Angeles Mayor
  • Earl Blumenauer - Congressman (D-Oregon)
  • Jennifer Granholm - Former Michigan Governo
  • Deborah Hersman - Chair, National Transportation Safety Board

Senator Jay Rockefeller, the West Virginia Democrat who chairs the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, is reportedly pushing Hersman for the post, while Governing Magazine touted a number of candidates, including Hersman, as well as Blumenauer and Villaraigosa.

Aside from Clyburn's Black Caucus colleagues, it looks like there aren't many people who want him to move up - except maybe the folks at S.C. State who would like the funding for the Clyburn Transportation Center restored.

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