More Twitter parodies in SC-1 race

A while back, the Blogland discussed some of the parody Twitter accounts who are adding their own twists to the barrage of messaging produced by the sixteen Republican candidates in the race to replace Tim Scott in the First Congressional Distrct.
Just as people kept pouring into an already-full field of candidates, at least two more parody accounts have entered the race in the First: @chumpslimehouse and @harrygroomssc.

Those of you who enjoy political satire and tidbits of opposition research being wedged into the sometimes-comedic and often-critical tweets, here’s the updated roster of the known parody accounts in the race:
… and of course, special mention goes to @dogcampbell, who is not a parody of any candidate, but has a ruff approach to running for the seat.

If you have any to add to the list, drop an email to

2 Response to "More Twitter parodies in SC-1 race"

  1. west_rhino 6/2/13 12:27
    Moffly swine or Moffly's wine? Cogniscente need to know if the debate is mustard vs vinegar vs yankee ketchup or chablis vs merlot vs Richards...
  2. earlcapps 6/2/13 12:53
    Beats me. Tweet that one and ask him/her.

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