My SC-1 race overview on Front Page Magazine

My overview of the state of the GOP field for the open SC-1 congressional race was published yesterday on Front Page Magazine, a national political website.

Here are some excerpts from that story:

The recent appointment of South Carolina Congressman Tim Scott to replace former Senator Jim DeMint last month opened up a feeding frenzy to fill South Carolina’s First Congressional District. Sixteen Republicans are seeking the now-open seat, including novices, legislative veterans, defeated politicos seeking a comeback and two candidates with national connections and name recognition, all jockeying for the special election contest for the seat ...

While Sanford is believed by many to be best-known candidate starting out, that perception and his past negatives have made him a target for some of the other candidates. His high name recognition failed to deter candidates from running for the seat and many past Sanford supporters are backing other candidates for the seat, suggesting he isn’t generating the enthusiasm of years past ...

Democrats also have three candidates in a primary which is expected to draw far less attention and heat as the GOP primary. In a seat which has been in GOP hands since 1980 (with only one close call for Republicans – in 2008), the GOP nominee will be an early favorite to carry the seat - even if such a wide and hotly-contested field will make it hard to spot a potential primary winner. While the primary outcome may be uncertain, what is certain is that this race - and its unprecedented field of candidates - will be worth watching.

To read the rest of the story, click here - and if you've got your own thoughts about the race, please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section.

... and if you're curious as to who is running, or want to find out about the candidates, here's a list of candidates with web links for most of them:

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