Rep. Sellers DUI arrest part of a pattern of dangerous driving

WIS-TV has reported that last October, Bamberg County State Rep. Bakari Sellers was arrested in Chester County on suspicion of DUI and was booked into jail after refusing a sobriety test. His drivers' license was suspended for six months for refusing to take the test - a fact which Sellers didn't seem to want to share with the voters back home.

Weeks after his arrest, Sellers won a close race for re-election, winning by a ten-point margin to Republican Dan Lawrence while losing two of the three counties in the usually heavily-Democratic district. Perhaps this disclosure could have made the race much closer, just as charges against Chesterfield County Representative Ted Vick resulted in a very close race with his Republican opponent.

Dodging the cops in one part of the state while dodging voters back home. Seems like a pattern.

But wait, there's more.

A quick check of court records showed that in Orangeburg County, Mr. Bakari Nikosi Tuggle Sellers, DOB 9/18/1984, was found guilty of 80 in a 60 zone in 2007, and then found guilty again of going 64 in a 55 zone in 2009. He was also a defendant in a motor vehicle lawsuit which was closed with a consent order in 2012.

In other words, he's a busy guy. Kind of like Ted Vick - and it looks like he's just about as dangerous.

WIS promises more news tomorrow. We can't wait to see what they'll turn up next.


4 Response to "Rep. Sellers DUI arrest part of a pattern of dangerous driving"

  1. Nancy Hicks 6/2/13 23:58
    Well, he would have made a good replacement for Clyburn, but I think we can forget about that now.
  2. Anonymous 7/2/13 10:23
    Earl, we all know you hate black people. Why else would you dig around on this guy?
  3. Eneils Bailey 8/2/13 13:32
    Earl, we all know you hate white people. Why else would you dig around on Ted Vick.
  4. earlcapps 8/2/13 14:20
    Nor did they meet my ex #1. She wasn't white. Nor did they meet our daughter.

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