Rick Grimes for Secretary of Defense

In a world of trouble, it's important that our next Secretary of Defense be a man (or woman) of action. They should be decisive, determined to protect and, when necessary, stone cold.

We say "F*k Chuck" and call upon the Washington politicians to make Rick Grimes - the lead character from the AMC series The Walking Dead - our nation's next Secretary of Defense.

You say he's a fictional character? And our nation's foreign policy is any less un-real?

So why are some reasons Rick Grimes should get the job:

You want someone who will protect his own? Look how he's led his band and stood up to all sorts of threats.

Can he handle a crisis? You bet! In a world over-run by zombies, he's stood on his own for three seasons.

Will he stand up to dictators? Just ask the Governor of Woodbury.

Will he coddle special interests and develop buddy networks? He killed his best friend and even killed child zombies. This is a man who has no favorites - count on him to get the job done.

Grimes is one stone-cold dude. He'll have the backbone to stand up to hordes of those who are determined to destroy everything and consume all in their path. Islamic radicals, North Korean thugs and anyone else should live in fear of a guy like this in charge of our nation's defense assets.

Which is more than we can say for the current administration.

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