Adam Piper: Getting older today

We want to wish Adam Piper a very Happy Birthday today and hope you'll reach out to him today as well.

Adam came to South Carolina for college and never left,  racking up some pretty impressive accomplishments as a campaign operative, including playing key roles in the 2010 GOP primary upset win by State Treasurer Curtis Loftis and the primary and general election victories of Attorney General Alan Wilson that year.

In reflecting upon his life in the Palmetto State, he shared some insightful observations:

I have also grown and matured to a view point that there is more to Carolina than beer, bourbon, and belles, and there is far more than all beautiful faces and smiling places. The fact of the matter is it's home and it's a place where I grew into my adulthood, and made countless memories and friendships, I'll never forget.

Hey Adam, just promise us you won't grow up too much?

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  1. June Brailsford 16/3/13 19:23
    Sorry to be so late Adam, but Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you. My computer crashed and I'm trying to catch up on the news now. We look forward to seeing you in Clarendon County soon. And if not, then May 4th in Columbia.

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