Beaufort school mural bashes capitalism

Thanks to the good citizens of Charleston Thug Life for exposing this one.

They've reported on mural at Robert Smalls Middle School takes direct aim at capitalism, with the quote "You can't have capitalism without racism". The Wikiquote website attributes that quote to Malcolm X

We're not sure if that was intended to a portrayal of him in the mural, but if so, that was a lousy attempt.

There are a lot less inflammatory quotes that could have been presented from X, who was known for preaching a fiery brand of black separatism combined with self-reliance and distrust of liberal white politicians during the civil rights era.
While we didn't agree with Malcolm X's belief in racial separation or willingness to condone violence, his message of self-reliance instead of the common mantra of taxpayer-funded self-indulgence is one sorely needed in America's inner cities.

If you ask us, Robert Smalls, who escaped slavery in Charleston during the Civil War and helped found the South Carolina Republican Party, is much more deserving of recognition.

We talked with three of Beaufort County's legislators: State Senator Tom Davis and State Reps Shannon Erickson and Andy Patrick, all of whom were looking into the matter.

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  1. Eneils Bailey 27/3/13 16:03
    I am so glad that my son attended 12 years of private school. You can only imagine what goes on in that school that we don't hear about?

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