Chesterfield County Sheriff indicted amid numerous misconduct allegations

It's not a good time to be a Sheriff in South Carolina - they keep getting in trouble. The latest is Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker, who was indicted earlier today on six counts of misconduct in office

Parker's indictment comes after reports surfaced in January of a SLED investigation - an investigation which the agency originally denied was taking place.

Parker faces four counts of Misconduct in Office and two counts of Furnishing Contraband to Inmates, accused of allowing state inmates to live as civilians outside of prison in exchange for working on his home and personal property.

Parker's indictment follows a string of arrests and removals of Sheriffs in rural counties around the state in recent years. The list includes former Sheriffs in Abbeville, Lee, Saluda and Union Counties. There have also been inquiries into the operation of the Chester County Sheriff's Office by a Sheriff who lost a re-election bid last year.

Two years ago, Parker said he was called a "a ruthless, barbaric, redneck, hill-billy killing machine", after four of his employees were accused of taking animals from a local animal shelter and shooting them, allegedly for target practice, making the county of Democratic State Rep. Ted Vick more like the home of Michael Vick.

No word on when the Governor's office will appoint a replacement, but we've been informed local Democrats want to see the current Chief Deputy appointed to replace the Sheriff.

Honestly, such an appointment seems like a very bad idea.

Considering the small size of the department's staff, it's hard to see how the Chief Deputy wasn't aware of what was taking place. At the very least this argues for a clean sweep of the office, which could best be performed by the appointment of an outside independent replacement by the Governor. At the worst, this argues for a broader investigation of the department by SLED to determine who knew what, who was covering up and who was involved.

We'll be watching this one and keeping you posted.

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  1. Anonymous 20/3/13 18:01
    "Considering the small size of the department's staff, it's hard to see how the Chief Deputy wasn't aware of what was taking place."
    I agree with that 100 percent. Word on the street is that this behavior did not crop up in the last six months and there are many people within the organization with knowledge of what was going on.
    Clean house, appoint someone outside the Chesterfield County clique, and wait until the next election for a permanent Sheriff. Of course, this being Chesterfield County, an election may bring more of the same. Things don't evolve much in this county.

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