Happy Birthday Tommy Grimes

The Blogland wishes a Happy Twenty-First Birthday to Seventh District Congressional District GOP Vice-Chairman Tommy Grimes. In addition to being one of the notorious "Four Horsemen of the Political Apocalypse", an allegedly-shadowy political ring in state politics, he's a veteran of Pee Dee politics, having served in county and district level party offices for over two decades.

A guy like this deserves some recognition. And since his birthday is on a weekend, it seems like a good time to have a party.

If you know him - and even if you don't - take a few minutes to wish him a Happy Birthday today.

5 Response to "Happy Birthday Tommy Grimes"

  1. June Brailsford 16/3/13 19:26
    Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. You can't be getting older yet. The GOP needs hard workers like you. Anyway, Happy Birthday to a really good guy.
    Buck and June
  2. mg 16/3/13 20:35
    Glad to see this. Happy Birthday Tommy Grimes. Be careful in Flo Town.
  3. mg 17/3/13 14:58
    Nice to see June Brailsford back online with a new computer. Lets hope she will be active also for many years to come in the GOP. Of course Buck will still be trying to get her to slow down.
  4. Anonymous 18/3/13 09:27
    thanks all;it was a nice quiet weekend with the dogs...teg
  5. Anonymous 18/3/13 12:08
    They called them dogs back in the day also.

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