Larry Grooms: Always a winner

The Birthday Boy at my 40th Birthday Bash.
Moye Graham's on his right and
Larry Kobrovsky's on his left.
The Blogland wants to wish Berkeley County's State Senator Larry Grooms a Happy Birthday.

Working on his 1997 and 2000 Senate races were some of the most memorable campaign experiences and both were long-shots which produced late-night victories. The first race turned a heavily-Democratic seat into Republican hands and the second race was the contest which gave Republicans control of the State Senate.

I've always believed that many never appreciated just how costly, grueling and emotionally draining the 2000 re-election contest was or how much his family endured to help make history that year.

Maybe he didn't win the First District Congressional primary last night, but there's no mistaking that Larry gave it his all, as he always does, and no matter what, kept smiling and kept working until the last vote was cast. That's just what he does.

No matter what the bean counters tell you, Larry Grooms is always a winner.

3 Response to "Larry Grooms: Always a winner"

  1. Ted A. 20/3/13 09:05
    Congratulations Larry on a great showing. I'm still scratching my head at the end results. I really don't understand the electorate some days.
  2. carolinadude 21/3/13 10:30
    Nice post Earl,

    Larry, as always, you ran a good and clean campaign. I wish for you continued luck in the SC Senate and encourage you to stand tall for ethics reform in the SC General Assembly. As you know, we the people of SC are weary of being among the most corrupt states in America.

    Ron Turner
  3. mg 21/3/13 12:17
    Good post Earl. I sent Larry a message and I hope to see him soom. You can believe if Larry ever quits smiling then something is bad wrong. He is one of the nicest people and most honest that we have in Columbia. I wish him well and he can always count on me to support him.

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