Media 101: Never threaten a reporter

Any way you look at it, there's no way anyone can view a recent e-mail exchange between the wife of Seventh District Congressman Tom Rice and Grand Strand Daily report Paul Gable as good. Like many moments in politics in South Carolina, the truth is so out there that it's hard for us to make it up.

Speaking during a candidate forum at Big Mike’s restaurant in Myrtle Beach, Lazarus said he had steam coming from his ears hearing of the good ole boy system in Horry County.

“I’m sick of hearing about good ole boys,” Lazarus said. “There’s no good ole boys, just good people who volunteer their time to help the county.”

I have called the capitol police and will have them investigate this. I will also hire a lawyer and prosecute you for harrassment and defamation. Remove that ridiculous post immediately and state that it is untrue or I will follow up with my plans. I will not tolerate this.

Gable has left the story up. As it's an opinion piece, it's hard to see where Rice can get the cops involved, much less bring lawsuits, if he leaves it.

In recent months, we've talked with Horry County Republicans whose opinions of Rice has gone downhill since he won a knockout GOP run-off win against former Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer. 

Moments like this aren't going to help his re-election prospects and if they continue, he may want to reconsider seeking a second term next year.

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  1. JR Ewing 12/3/13 15:30
    This is almost laughable;first someone needs to educate Ms. Rice that when your an elected offical, the courts have ruled that public expression of criticism are 1st amendment protected. Second, because of Tom's position and with her being his wife, an overly ambitious US atty might could twist that into,at a minimum, an investigation for a abuse of office charge. Third,sending someone (who has acess to internet opinion/news sites)an e-mail that could be considered hostile is just plain boneheaded. Apparently she didnt think he just might tell the whole world by posting it. Finally,if your going to play in the big leagues of DC politics you better have a thich skin--dino leather thick and if you want a friend get a dawg.

    If anything,this little spat has shown at someone ain't ready for the primetime big league play and maybe just maybe the political gossip was right afterall.

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