S.C. Prison cell phone hit survivor sues cell phone companies

For years, Robert Johnson was a prison Captain responsible for keeping contraband out of Lee Correctional Institution, a maximum security facility in Lee County. It's these efforts which authorities believed resulted in a hit being put out on him, resulting in someone bursting into his home and shooting him six times in 2010.

Investigators also believed the hit was ordered from inside the prison by an inmate using an illegal cell phone.

Johnson survived the shooting and no suspects have been identified in the case. He retired a year later and is now suing twenty cell phone companies, alleging they should have done more to block signals from inside the prison.

Johnson's experience isn't the only one. According to the Washington Post, it's not the first time a hit was ordered from prison:

In 2005, a New Jersey inmate serving time for shooting at two police officers used a smuggled phone to order a fatal attack on his girlfriend, who had given authorities information leading to his arrest.

Two years later, a drug dealer in Baltimore's city jail used a cellphone to successfully plan the killing of a witness who had identified him as the gunman in a previous killing. And in 2008, a Texas death row inmate used a cellphone to threaten the life of a state senator.

Our good friends at Charleston Thug Life regularly profile prison inmates who use cell phones to show us how they're living large from behind bars, including Shaquan Burgess (a.k.a. Ricky Flair), a Florence gang-banger who was featured on their website a couple of weeks ago. Even Charles Manson was found to have a hidden phone in his prison cell.

In case you didn't know it, Congressman Jim Clyburn's daughter, who has spent much of her adult life in well-paying government jobs (wonder how she gets those ...), is one of three FCC commissioners who could do something - but won't.

She won't even act when the thugs are carrying out hits in her daddy's own Congressional district. Daddy Clyburn hires crooks and his daughter enables them. Sounds like a great family tradition.

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