School board member resignation demanded over Kincannon tweets

A Pennsylvania school board member faced a call for his resignation after engaging in a Twitter conversation with Todd Kincannon, a Columbia attorney and GOP politico with a growing reputation as a nationally-known conservative agent provocateur via social media.

Julian Stolz, a member of the East Penn School Board, faced a demand that he resign by a parent upset with recent comments that he exchanged with Kincannon earlier this month. The LowerMacungie Patch reported that at a recent school board meeting, Lou Schuler, a parent with children in two of the district's schools, told the board that "Stolz was not the kind of person he wanted making policy for the schools his children attend and demanded that Stolz resign immediately."

According to the local WFMZ-TV news website, Schuler went on to criticize Stolz as one who "ridicules the people he serves and who despises the very idea of public education."

The offending tweets took place during a highly-publicized flap over Tweets made by Kincannon during the Super Bowl. The parent cited two tweets between Stolz and Kincannon:

Kincannon: “There is nothing more brain rotting than public schools. God I pity the proletariat for having to send their inferior crotchfruit to them.”

Stolz: “@ToddKincannon as a School Board director, I wish I could disagree. As a sentient being, I cannot.”

When contacted by the Blogland, Kincannon defended Stolz:

God forbid someone actually state the obvious, that the elites in this country want to keep the public schools crappy so that they can continue to send their kids to fancy private schools, while opposing vouchers so that the rest of us can too.

We'll keep you posted on any further developments on this story.

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