Clarendon County: Keep Moye Graham Chairman

Some things are best done three times just to make sure, which is why the Blogland is backing the best-known rural County Chair Moye Graham, from Clarendon County, for a third term (as we did in 2009 & 2011).
For years, Clarendon Republicans were seldom seen or heard, but Graham has turbo-charged the Clarendon GOP, helping boost their recognition in the community, seeing statewide candidates regularly take well over 40% of the county's vote and helping engineer some embarassing political upsets. He's also attracted a large following from Republican VIPs from across the state, who regulary go out of their way to attend events in his county.
Of the many occasions where we visit rural county GOP meetings, we can say that Graham has some of the largest meeting turnouts that we've ever seen, bigger than many counties with two or three times the population. Most importantly, Graham engages that turnout by recruiting them to work in races, especially with phone banks that support candidates in other counties and states.
Clarendon County Republicans used to be few in number and they didn't matter to anyone - but not anymore. Under Moye's leadership, they're going on offense. That's a change for the better, earning him a third term, which Clarendon Republicans should give him at their county convention later this month.

3 Response to "Clarendon County: Keep Moye Graham Chairman"

  1. Moye Graham 3/4/13 18:34
    Thanks Earl. I really appreciate this and I do hope to win it again if Clarendon GOP will have me for another term.
  2. Tom Grimes 4/4/13 14:52
    Ad me to the list supporting Moye for re-election as the Clarendon GOP chair...teg
  3. mg 6/4/13 23:40
    Thanks TEG are you coming to the Clarendon GOP Convention on April 20th?

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