Florence County: Renee Woodberry for State E.C. rep

For years, Florence County Republicans have struggled to match their performance in major races with down-ballot races, going Republican in major top-ballot races, but leaving the county in the hands of shady Democrats well known for serving themselves instead of the public. While this problem precedes the takeover of the Florence GOP by the current reining faction four years ago, these problems have become increasingly toxic, holding them back at the local level while alienating them from Republicans outside of their county.

This need for change is why the Blogland endorses Renee Woodberry to represent Florence County on the State GOP Executive Committee.

At the Seventh District convention, we watched as a Florence County candidate for District Chair won all but one delegate from his home county, but lost almost every delegate from every other Pee Dee county. There's a lot of other complaints that we've become aware of and issues that we've experienced personally, but our readers don't have the time to hear the laundry list. Besides, we'd rather talk about a path forward - which is something Renee can do.

Last year, Florence County Republicans elected an interim State Executive Committee representative who is seen as closely tied with the current leadership. We won't question his character or intentions, but a change is clearly needed in favor of someone who has positive and constructive relationships with Republicans across South Carolina. Renee Woodberry can play a vital role in helping to mend a broken relationship between Florence and Republicans across South Carolina.

When this website didn't endorse her to fill the open EC seat last year, it described Renee as a "relatively new face in the regional GOP circles" and a "hard-working local GOP volunteer". Since then, she has built upon her growing resume of experience by working on a number of regional races, including helping manage campaign operations for Richie Yow, a GOP State House candidate whose under-funded campaign nearly ousted Democrat Ted Vick in one of the state's biggest surprise races. This experience has given her many connections from around the state, including a number of GOP leaders who've endorsed her candidacy.

Among those endorsing her are several County GOP Chairs from across the state, including Johnnie Bellamy from Horry, Moye Graham from Clarendon, Sandy McGarry from Lancaster, LaDonna Ryggs from Spartanburg and Shery Smith from Sumter, along with Fifth District Chair Drew Johnson and Sixth District Chair Bill Connor. That kind of recognition says a lot about her.

Another reason we commend Renee is her willingness to stick to the high ground. Florence GOP circles are home to some of the most petty, negative and dishonest crap going in politics anywhere in South Carolina. She's had nothing to say but good things about her opponent and we're encouraged to see someone taking the high road in Florence.

Renee Woodberry has come a long way quickly. Her positive attitude, committment and work ethic, combined with her statewide relationships position her to provide a positive voice for Florence and a rock-solid worker on the SCGOP Executive Committee.

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