Happy Birthday to Charleston Thug Life

The Blogland wants to extend our thanks and best birthday wishes to Charleston Thug Life - a ground-breaking blog which exposes the hoodlums who hang on social media, showing you the bad, the worse, and the downright ugly.

Screen captures are paired up with rap sheets - and in some cases those exposed are actually doing time, using smuggled phones to keep in touch.

Writing on their website, they are telling their readers that they plan to keep on keeping on:

We are starting to see small changes. Some bond judges have taken note of the unfavorable and professionally embarrassing exposure and are actually setting more appropriate bonds on violent and repeat offenders. Citizens have been made aware of what is happening in their neighborhoods and we get more and more information from them every day. We don't know for sure, but we suspect law enforcement finds at least some of this information useful and actionable.

Our plan is to keep going. Our hope is that more citizens choose to become involved and forward information. We are a small group with other responsibilities to tend to and we definitely welcome any assistance.

Do we know who they are? No, and nobody else does either, but it's likely that disclosing such information would put people in harm's way and cost some their jobs. Thus anonymity is a good thing for these guys, especially since they tell it to you straight, presenting the facts to back up their arguments and allow dissenting (and often downright ignorant) points of view to be presented in the comments section of their stories.

Others are attempting to follow their lead, most notably Upstate Thug Life. We think that's a good thing.

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