The guy who killed my brother

The Blogland may be down for a few days (but given the slowdown in writing since I started the new job, that may not be as unusual as it might've once been) as I'll be in court in Charleston this week.

Many of you have asked about the status of the case regarding Brandon Ancrum, who was charged with reckless homicide in the death of my brother back in July 2010. Well, that's why I'm going to be in court - the case is going to trial.

The case has moved forward with a very hands-on treatment by the Solicitor's Office. Some of the delay was due to the need to move some very time-sensitive major cases forward (let's face it, nothing in this case is changing) - moves which my family, myself included, endorsed.

Since getting out on bond, Mr. Ancrum hasn't let life slow him down, as evidenced by two subsequent traffic-related convictions. Apparently the requirement to turn in his driver's license and stay under house arrest didn't last long.

Let's hope the Lowcountry streets are a little safer after this week.

5 Response to "The guy who killed my brother"

  1. June Brailsford 1/4/13 21:08
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during the coming days.
  2. Anonymous 5/4/13 21:50
    Hey Earl, did you see the surveillance photos that showed him with three different girls? The bond company guys shared those with us cops. Pretty funny stuff. That little skank girl at court has no idea.

    For all we know, he might already be a playa in his cellblock. They like them young.
  3. Anonymous 7/4/13 17:30
    fuck yall bitches because you all dont know what your talking about because if anything i wuz wit one him the day if your are looking at dat so called video footage get a fuckin life and get up of this man back wha da fuck else yall dumb ass pigs must b dont have shit eles to do but play wit each ohh and your motherfucking mother is a skank you piese if shit....
  4. Anonymous 7/4/13 17:35
    yall bitches can eat a ass and go fuck urself since yall aint got shit else to do but blog all fucking da grow da fuck up bitch!!!!!
  5. Anonymous 7/4/13 23:16
    We look at video of perps on the loose all the time because we love good comedy material. If the boy - he ain't no man, miss thang - respected you, he'd have married you before he went him. Bet you'll be dumb enough to stick around thinking he cares about anything but a piece of tail when he gets out. He'll ditch you and move on.

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