Richland County: Sandra Bryan for State E.C. rep

One would have to go back decades to see a point at which Richland County Republicans were so politically irrelevant in their county. Last year's elections were a disaster for the county's GOP: another State House seat and County Council seat lost, another long-safe House seat won by a squeaker and a total disaster in another Senate race - and a major part of the county's GOP voters are now pondering secession via the Birch County effort because they feel so politically marginalized and see so little hope for change.

Not only that, but a lot of experts believe the only one of the county's four State Senate seats held by a Republican will flip to Democratic control when Senate President Pro Tem John Courson retires.

There are a lot of Republicans in Richland County that we like, but the problems faced by the county's GOP won't be solved by a popularity contest. They require serious and immediate action - which is why the Blogland endorses Sandra Bryan for the open-seat contest for the county's State Executive Commiteee post.
Sandra Bryan has earned the respect of Republicans from across the state and beyond. She's traveled to campaign across the state and even spent time campaigning in North Carolina last year. As a sign of that respect, Sixth Congressional District Republicans elected her Secretary by acclamation. She can use that experience to help rebuild the party and bring in the outside help needed to turn things around - and keep Richland County from coming apart.

One could go on for a long time pointing fingers and attempting to fix the blame for the twenty-year decline of the county's GOP, but that won't solve a thing -and it's something this website won't engage in. Coming together to fix the problem and move forward should be the sole agenda for Richland Republicans.

If Richland County Republicans want to stop the bleeding, take the lead in keeping the county united and put the GOP back on the county's playing field, they need to put leaders like Sandra Bryan in charge of their team at their upcoming county convention.

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