Brian Frank turns to Dems for lawsuit help

After getting thumped in his bid for the Chair of the Cherokee County GOP, winning just three votes, Brian Frank's vendetta against the Republican Party has continued in the form of a lawsuit he is pursuing against Chair Chad Connelly and the SCGOP.

Thus far, Franks' efforts to solicit donations for the lawsuit have raised a paltry $740, according to his page on the GoFundMe website. To help raise more money, Franks has turned to the Democrats for help, according to this screenshot of the Facebook page of the Charleston County Democratic Party.

If he doesn't raise the money from Democrats, we're not sure where he'll go next.

2 Response to "Brian Frank turns to Dems for lawsuit help"

  1. west_rhino 9/5/13 10:03
    He might, in return for a Republicans for Colbert Busch endorsement, get fifty cents from that campaign...
  2. Anonymous 14/5/13 22:55

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