Unions not giving up on Boeing

The Boeing plant in North Charleston has been a sore spot with organized labor, who lost a high-profile proxy battle waged by the National Labor Relations Board to keep the airplane manufacturer from opening the plant in the first place. This action followed a vote to decertify the on-site local affiliate of the International Association of Machinists (IAM) union.

Not to be deterred by these defeats, the IAM continued its efforts to get back into the North Charleston, including hosting a meet-and-greet last fall with reportedly very low turnout.

The Charleston Post and Courier is reporting that the IAM effort is still ongoing, reporting that Tommy Mayfield, a regional IAM leader, has continued outreach efforts in an effort to organize a vote to bring a labor union into the North Charleston facility:

Mayfield said he’s been holding his own meetings and keeping in touch with interested Boeing South Carolina workers all the while.

“The thing with Jack, that’s fine,” Mayfield said when reached by phone Thursday, before clarifying Jones’ opening line. “But we haven’t left. We’ve always been here.” 

As Boeing likes to point out, the IAM does have a history in North Charleston. 

The union narrowly won representation rights at the complex’s aft-body factory in November 2007, back when it was owned by Vought Aircraft Industries, but was decertified in September 2009.

Thus far, these efforts haven't made much headway, but we'll keep watching anyway.

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