Shane Massey revelations

It's shocking - but true.

Today is State Senator Shane Massey's Birthday and the Blogland wishes him a most Happy Birthday - and a great weekend too!

If you know him, be sure to do the same today.

About the Dorchester County Treasurer ...

Word has it that she can actually count.

Counting is an important skill when you're the Treasurer of Dorchester County. Usually Mary Pearson, the county's treasurer, does a great job of this.

Except when she tells you her age. She always seems to get that number wrong.

Maybe she's 40, maybe she's 50. In any event, be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday today!

Happy Birthday to Hugh Weathers

The Blogland wishes Hugh Weathers, our state's Commissioner of Agriculture, a happy birthday, however old he might be.

Todd Kincannon has a birthday?

Yes, really. He does, and we've been told he's turning 39 today. 

We hope he'll go out and celebrate the occasion, but knowing him, he'll just get on Twitter and set off one of his infamous Twitter wars with some celebrity, over Trayvon Martin or someone else dumb enough to take the bait.

Whatever he does, we hope it's fun.

Please join the Blogland in wishing one of the state's few Republican attorneys a Happy Birthday!