The End

Eight years ago, I began writing a blog. Back then, I was in graduate school at night and wanted to push myself to think, research and write on a regular basis as a development tool to help with my studies. From that, the Blogland was born and over the last eight years, it’s been quite a ride.
As Blogland readers may have noticed, my writing crawled to a halt earlier this year around the time that I made a major career move. While the new gig been challenging and quite fulfilling, it’s involved a lot of 10-12 hour workdays and some weekend work as well – and as the Blogland was always a volunteer gig, blogging had to take a back seat.
But I will admit that I found that as I wrote less, I had more time during the week to enjoy going to lunch without having to rush to return calls and emails, that I liked spending my evenings and weekends relaxing instead of working on stories and that nobody calls me to complain about what I wrote or didn’t write. And the longer I stayed away from writing, the less desire I’ve had to get back into writing.
In light of this, I’ve decided to follow the sage advice of William Shatner, who once said “Get a life”. Thus it’s time to formally bring the Blogland to a close and sign off.
Thanks for tuning in.

12 Response to "The End"

  1. Moye Graham 5/8/13 12:52
    It is hard to write a last comment to the last post of the Blogland and who knows I may comment again. It was quite a ride to be there with you from day one to day last. You did a lot to change the face of politics in SC for the better as you certainly helped me in Clarendon County. The Clarendon GOP and I do speak for the rest of us certainly appreciate your friendship and the coverage that you gave us and myself over the years.

    The Blogland was respected in most circles and no matter what side you take it was a truthful media source and yes I did consider the Blogland as media something a lot of people would argue. The way the Blogs are going now you were head and shoulder above the rest.

    It is time to say goodbye and as one door closes another door opens. I and a lot more are going to miss reading your thoughts and ideas and I can say that I have read the Blog from over forty states, four continents and a dozen countries and it was all good.
  2. Ron McGill 5/8/13 13:20
    Good for you. There's an old saying that is so true. The more time you spend dealing with crap the more crap you get on you.
  3. JIM WILES 5/8/13 20:53
    A law client who had been a successful Hollywood screenwriter (Don Sanford's best-known movie is MIDWAY) once told me: "You know, Jim, writers are basically sick. We write until we get well. Then we stop."

    I need to keep writing.

    We'll see about you, good friend...Of course, you churn out oodles of words at work.

  4. Anonymous 6/8/13 20:25
    well fuck ya' then
  5. earlcapps 6/8/13 21:16
    20:25 - and you and the horse you rode in on.
  6. Lin Bennett 6/8/13 21:17
    It's been fun! Gonna miss you but it looks like life is treating you well! Enjoy! If ya want to come back... We are here!
  7. June Brailsford 7/8/13 12:15
    I'll say good-bye, but only to the blogger. We'll be friends forever. Happy to see you anytime. Love and Best Wishes to you and Gretta
  8. Anonymous 14/8/13 09:32
    I guess it is too difficult to keep up this blog and GOPwrite at the same time.
  9. earlcapps 14/8/13 16:35
    Anon, it should be abundantly clear after eight years of writing that, if I'm gonna say it, I've got the cojones to put my name to my work. Which is more than I can say for you. All you anonymous types can go have fun. I'm busy working for a living. Once I realized how much time and work not writing has taken from my life, I only wish I'd done it sooner.
  10. west_rhino 20/8/13 11:24
    Well hell! That leaves a tremendous gap in low country blogging and no one left for the P&C to use as an uncredited source, beyond the various Patches. C'est la guerre!
  11. earlcapps 20/8/13 12:04
    Except I haven't been in the Lowcountry for some time now. But it's better to get paid for my work than do free work for someone else.
  12. mg 20/8/13 21:03
    west_rhino I am going to miss you most of all

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