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Kirk and Spock - Double barrelled torment

It's Shaturday again ... and we think it's not enough to give you Shatner. We're gonna give you him AND Leonard Nimoy singing.

If you can't take it anymore, blame Mike Reino. He made us do it.

Shatner sings to whales

It's Shaturday, and we're going downhill fast folks.

Today, Shatner isn't just signing, but he's singing to whales. Where is Greenpeace or PETA when you need them?!?

It hasn't happened yet

Just in time for the weekend, when y'all were thinking we were getting so serious and thoughtful, we decide it was time to give Mike Reino another load of Shat.

This time, a video of him performing "It Hasn't Happened Yet":

With videos like this, rest assured, it never will.

Secret Agent Man, inspired by William Shatner

As more proof that the Blogland is not for sale, we offer our readers this posting.

We were recently offered a payoff by another blogger to stop posting Shatner videos. Since we're not on the take, we figured we'd share a video of something different - this performance of "Secret Agent Man" by someone acting like Shatner.

Looking back at 2008

Here in the Blogland, it's been a hell of a year, and we'd like to thank all of you who've come along for the ride through the chaos and carnage. It's been, without a doubt, a very active year as we've continued to run our mouth, and if you don't mind, we'd like to take a look back at some of the damage we've caused in this year's 420 postings ...

We started out the year jumping into a couple of judicial elections in which we endorsed Kristi "Handcuffs" Harrington, also known as Wonder Woman, for a seat on the 9th Circuit Court and Ronnie Norton for a seat on the 15th Circuit Family Court. We also set off a lot of fireworks when we talked about another candidate for the 15th Circuit seat. Both Harrington and Norton are on the bench, and we've received a lot of good reports about their service.

In February, we blew the whistle on efforts by the heavy-handed GOP leadership in Berkeley County to squash that which they could not control. Later that month, we went to Washington for the annual National Workforce Boards Conference. Meeting Newt Gingrich, who addressed the conference, was definitely the highlight of the event.

Our Inside Interview series chugged along, giving you more looks on the inside of government in the Palmetto State. We talked with State Reps Nathan Ballentine, Shannon Erickson,
Nikki Haley, Phillip Lowe, 9th Circuit Judge Roger Young, Charleston County RMC Charlie Lybrand, elder abuse legal consultant Erin Gaddy, two of the state's foremost political operatives: Democrat Phil Bailey and Republican Wes Donehue, and the two candidates for the 9th Circuit Solicitor's office - Blair Jennings and Scarlett Wilson. Our series wrapped up the year with an interview with our first Democratic legislator, Senator Joel Lourie.

The 2008 GOP national convention was very much on our minds. We endorsed delegates, followed them to the convention, and also endorsed Glenn McCall, the state's new national committeeman.

Our first Legislative Awards recognize two outstanding retiring legislators:
Senator John Drummond and Representative Bill Cotty, and two great freshmen legislators: Senator Shane Massey and Representative Shannon Erickson.

We also followed Erickson's Lauren Gentry bill and strongly pushed for its passage until it finally became law. Later on, we signed onto Rep. Nikki Haley's legislative transparency initiative. In 2009, we'll continue pushing for Haley's bill, as well as other legislation that catches our eye.

We also called new media types, such as bloggers, the real winners of the 2008 elections.

On the spritual side, we talked about the
Sunday of Orthodoxy, the Akathist Hymn, Pope Benedict's praise of Melkite Catholics in "A thriving future for the Melkite Church", Orthros once and Orthros again. Prayer of Saint John Chrysostom, and the Psalms,

On a lighter note, a round of William Shatner regurgitations erupted, starting with "
William Shatner raps Julius Caesar?". It got even sicker with William Shatner redoes "Rocket Man" and culminated with "Shatner serenades George Lucas". Reportedly some people won't even turn on their computers after that one.

Eight years of college at night - four for my BA and four more for my MA - reached the finish line when I passed my comprehensive exam, defended my thesis, walking across the stage, and then
having a great graduation party, complete with free beer and a roast of yours truly that went on for about 40 minutes (click to watch some highlights). Finally, printed and bound copies of my thesis arrived.

With graduation past, it was time to hit the road for some kick ass concerts: in Atlanta with Sebastian Bach and Dokken, and
DC with Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.

There were certainly a lot of other moments that have gone by over the last year where we enlightened our readers a little, probably motivated them a little, and probably pissed them off quite a bit. But for whatever reason, some of you still love us - or at least haven't found the time to track us down and shoot us. For your time, friendship, and patience, we thank you all and look forward to a great 2009.


Two more William Shatner gems ...

Performing "Common People" with Joe Jackson on Jay Leno

A parody of "Seven" featuring Captain Kirk, TJ Hooker and Rescue 911

Hey Mike ... backatcha!

Shatner serenades George Lucas

For those of you who are cringing at the prospect of more William Shatner video footage ... including Mike ... here you are.

Today's heapin' helpin' of Shat is his performance of Frank Sinatra's "My Way". The chorus line of Stormtroopers is ... uummm ... original:

William Shatner performs "Taxi"

We're not really sure what to say about this performance by Shatner, except "Back atcha, Mike!".

The Shat dude performs "Taxi" on the Dinah show, telling us the tale of flying high in his taxicab and getting stoned ...

... thesis is almost done folks, so the cheese will stop flying real soon.

William Shatner believes that "You'll have time"

After watching millions of people on many planets, especially extras with the rank of Ensign, die horribly of many exotic causes, William Shatner has finally figured out ... we're all gonna die:

... and now ... back to the thesis. Mike, it's your turn. Try and top this!

William Shatner - the Transformed Man

As the thesis quagmire continues to suck me in (and believe me, it really does SUCK!!!) ... we in the Blogland present you with this You Tube video has the album cover and the audio of a spoken word performance by the Shat-dude from 1968 ...

... hey Mike, had enough yet?

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

(You're probably reading this, thinking I'm still buried with that darn thesis ... well, you'd be correct.)

When you hear that classic song title, we're sure the first thing you think of is ... William Shatner.

In watching this, we can't help but wonder if Captain Kirk beamed up a few bong hits to come up with this one ... his rendition - or should we say the vicious, savage raping of - the famous Beatles song.

If you just finished eating or hate seeing a good song wrecked beyond recognition, you probably don't want to see this. But if your name is Mike Reino, you probably can't wait:

Ok, Mike, now it's your turn ...

"I speak English and French ... but not Klingon"

The great William Shatner Blogosphere Madness Marathon continues.

In this video, the great Kirkness himself assures us that while he may not be a Captain, or a cop named TJ Hooker ... he IS Canadian:

It just gets worse

Things between this blog and Mike Reino's SC6 blogsite continue to spiral downwards.

That is our new-found sport of picking on William Shatner via YouTube clips. The stuff we discover just keep getting worse.

Today's Shatner jab is his cover of a Frank Sinatra song:

... Mike, now it's your turn.

William Shatner redoes "Rocket Man"

Last week, we shared a video of William Shatner attempting to rap Julius Caesar, and one of our readers pointed out an even more interesting moment from Shatner's attempts at music.

This video is his rendition of Elton John's classic "Rocket Man". We've watched a few times, and we're still not sure what to think about it. If you've got any thoughts, feel free to share them.

William Shatner raps Julius Caesar?

On a lighter note, we had something we wanted to share with our viewers.

Yesterday, in discussing our fact-checking of the Club for Growth's shot at Republican candidates in House District 117, we quoted from Mark Antony's address in Julius Caesar:

The noble Brutus hath told you Caesar was ambitious:
If it were so, it was a grievous fault;
And grievously hath Caesar answer'd it.
Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest,
For Brutus is an honourable man;
So are they all, all honorable men.

We wanted to share with you this video clip from the movie "Free Enterprise" where William Shatner re-created the speech as a rap performance: